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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekend at Maeda's house in North Shore

I spent this past weekend up in North Shore at Maeda's (Mahina's family) house again.

I love staying at their house! Mahina's mom cooks up some mean food all the time, Mahina's dad is now my awesome drinking buddy, Mahina's older sister, Ka'ena, is very cool to talk to because she swims competitively and plays the flute in her school band (I was a swimmer and played the trumpet in my school band), and Mahina is just super fun to be around with cuz she's always doing something entertaining. Oh, and now there's Takumi, Japanese surfer boy from Japan, is staying with them too.

Mahina got a new board so she was going to put her sponsors' stickers on it but it took her like an hour to figure out the placements of all the stickers! i think one of the reasons why it took so long was because we all had our opinion on what looks good.
so next time, i think Mahina should just sticker her own board by herself. i bet i'll only take 15 minutes. ha ha.

When "we" were done with the board, Mahina found a clear sticker and decided to put it on her face. So I grabbed a marker and gave her a new look. what do you think?

I was up in North Shore all weekend because the Hawaii Worlds Jr Surf Team had a training session all day Friday and NSSA had a contest at Turtle Bay on Saturday and Sunday.

The Hawaii team is looking great! solid team with tons of talents and with Rainos Hayes and Kahea Hart as coaches, the team is going to be amazing!

NSSA contest at Turtle Bay had some head high waves with tricky condition but kids were ripping out there. I'll post a webisode from the contest tomorrow!

it's getting little chilly in the morning these days. well, chilly for us here in Hawaii... like high 60s. here we all are trying to keep warm before the contest. ha ha.

Thanks Maeda family for letting me stay at your place AGAIN. I think you saved me like $30 on gas alone this weekend!

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yamaya said...

a message to Takumi...GO HARD! then come back to Kamogawa and show everybody how its done!