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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taking care of my baby

Looks like we are getting some waves! that means lot of driving all over the island for me.

so today i did a tuneup on my car. it's a beautiful brand spanking used 1990 Toyota Camry Wagon with 190,000 miles on it! yes kids, it's older than you so stop playing with the door locks and windows and slamming the doors! the car might fall a part!! ha ha.
i love my wagon! this wagon is the sh!t! everything works (power windows, locks, even the AC), can pack tons of stuff in it (including bunch of kids), 4 bangers so i get like 25mpg, and it even got an alarm (probably worth more than the car itself. ha ha).

so my wagon is ready to hit the road! hope the conditions gonna be good for the waves. see you all up in north shore or west side!

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jp_grasse said...

Sweet dude, Im 14 and we just bought a 1980 vw vanagon camper. It's gonna be mine when i turn 16!!! Can't wait to camp in it and surf all over california.