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Sunday, November 15, 2009


As you all know, I went to V-land for Da Hui beach clean up on saturday but it was cancelled because of the weather. it was an adventure just getting there! Driving in north shore while raining is no easy task. flood everywhere, potholes hidden under flood, etc.

I picked up Zeke and we were driving and we saw a kid standing on the side of the road soaking wet hitch hiking... it was Tanner (Hendrickson). so we picked him up and stopped at Mahina's house to pick her up.

we had to drive through mud to where we park and i thought we were gonna get stuck in my SUPER NON OFF ROADING wagon. ha ha.

The clean up is moved to next weekend. Here's the press release i got from them.

Aloha Everyone!

Due to radical weather, the Da Hui North Shore Beach Clean Up has been postponed till next Saturday, Nov. 21st at Velzyland Park at 8am with hopefully, no heavy rain and hurricane-like gusts of wind! The scene at Velzyland the morning of the clean up was a nightmare. Our 10x20 tents snapped in half due to the strong winds and many areas on the North Shore were flooded out. Waimea Bay looked like something from the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory as the entire bay was filled with cocoa brown water due to the opened river mouth draining flood waters from Waimea Valley. I attached a few pictures from yesterday morning. One photo is of our Sheriffs getting drenched in the rain and another shot is one of our snapped tents. Also attached is the news story of the "lovely" weekend weather we experienced.
Thanks again for your support and hoping it'll continue for the second try of the clean up!
Pray for good weather!

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