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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Da Hui Beach Clean Up and Kahuku High Girls Water Polo Team Fundraiser!

Today was 5th Annual Da Hui Beach Clean Up. It was moved to this weekend since the weather was horrible last weekend. It is the Hawaii's the biggest beach clean up and there were tons of people at V-land park 8 in the morning.

It is so big, they clean the whole North Shore. People with truck and vans take people to the beach they are cleaning. Here's Makua Rothman taking people in his truck.

I'm always amazed at how kids are always willing to get involved with great events like this one. when i was a kid i think all i wanted to do on saturday morning was to stay in my pj and watch cartoons on tv. ha ha.

Great job kids! and thank you for keeping our beaches clean!

Jun Jo from In4Mation and Aloha Army was there early with his kid too. i know Jun is like me and doesn't get much sleep. i bet he got like an hour of sleep the night before.

Mr. Ambassador of Aloha, Jason Shibata. He's always at these events with his big smile early in the morning.

There were many other adults there too and i want to thank them for being there being great role models to the kids.

after the clean up, there were food, prizes, live entertainments, etc. Thank you Da Hui for putting this event every year! i know it's not easy and involves lot of work. thanks Da Hui and all the sponsors!

oh, and Sally (Fitzgibbons) showed up with Sister!
Welcome back Sally!

Everyone picked up rubbish, now time for fun. kids took off with my camera and came back with some fun shots!

i think Heidi and Bailey were hungry.

yes, i ruined this "could've been a nice photo" for Bailey.

not sure what they were going for but looks fun. ha ha.

Had a great time at the clean up but i had to head back to town. :(

on my way back i saw a car wash for Kahuku High School Girls Water Polo Team Fundraiser and Kahaulelio sisters were waving signs yelling "Kaz!! you need a car wash!!". How can i say no to that! Specially since my car hasn't been washed since Sally and Sister washed it for me in August. (wow, i guess i change the oil more often than washing my car! ha ha)
Teamwork! no more bird sh!t paint job! i forgot my car was blue... i thought it was dirt color. ha ha.

this is either Kahea or Nohea Kahaulelio... sorry but i still can't tell the twins apart.

Free human wash with a car wash purchase! what a deal! ha ha.

I guess since Hawaii is so broke lot of funds for sports' been cut to almost nothing. it was nice to see these kids working hard to raise money for the team. Thanks girls for my clean wagon!

their fundraiser made me think on my drive back to town. How can Hawaii save money and support these kids?

i think i know how to save Hawaii some money and put back to schools! I spend average of $300 on gas a month. that's $3,600 a year. I've heard police gets free gas specially if they drive their own cars on and off duty. i'm assuming there's gotta be like 300 police getting free gas right now from tax payers in Hawaii.

look, i just saved state of Hawaii $1,080,000 (one million eighty thousand) a year!! and the best part is, this solution won't affect police work. Just those cops who's been getting free gas from us, tax payers, have to start buying their own gas LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE!

now schools can have that money!! what do you think? should i start a petition?

Before i go, this is one of many things i love about north shore. kids can ride their bikes everywhere!
Just ride safe boys and girl! (and not make funny face at me while riding, Bailey! ha ha)

Had another great day here in Hawaii! the weather was great, people were great, and only if public schools got enough money from the government this place can be perfect! ha ha.

See you all tomorrow!

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