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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tracks all day!

Friday after welcoming back the Hawaii World Jr Surf Team, i had to come home to send some photos out on my computer. So Mahina was just chilling at my place and Joy got dropped off by her dad at my place so we can head to North Shore.

The girls were chilling going through my stuff and found my glasses! yes, i wear contacts during the day and wear my glasses when i'm at home at night. The girls thought i have the funniest looking glasses, so they had to try them on.

i don't know why they thought my glasses are funny... i've always thought they were cool. ha ha.

Today i gathered kids and went to Tracks. The waves were fun waist to head high and super fun! We ended up surfing there all day!

by the time i decided to take some photos, the tide got high and the waves were breaking little weird... oh well. at least we all had a fun day!

Sierra Ondo. Hey Sierra, i told you to just hold my camera while i was locking up my car! ha ha.

Time to shoot!

Mahina Maeda
EJ Mitsui

Kalulana Apo (aka, Big Man!)

Devin Brueggemann

Jenna Forti doesn't like me...

I don't like Jenna...

But we try to pretend we like each other.
Nah, nah. I like Jenna, she's one of the funniest kid i know! but maybe she really doesn't like me... nice fake smile Jenna. ha ha.

Had an amazing Sunday, AGAIN! Spent all day at Track, surfing, filming, shooting photos, and dealing with 10 kids trying to talk to me at the same time! ha ha.

Hope everyone had a great weekend too!


All day

All day at tracks! Had a blast!


Cc and Mahina are matcing!!

Browniesss (:

(this is Jenna) me and cc made brownies as a midnight snack last night
and Kaz insisted we save some for him... So we did! A nice snack for
our long drive from town to tracks, with Mahina joy me cc and UNCLE
Kaz (:

Different side of Ezekiel Lau

Zeke (Ezekiel Lau) came back from New Zealand yesterday so i picked him up from his place (more like he made me pick him up... ha ha) and went to North Shore all day today. When we got back to town, his family invited me to join with them for a dinner at CPK.

It was really awesome to see different side of Zeke. He has 3 little sisters and he was very patient and kind to them.

While we were waiting for our food, some kids came up to Zeke cuz they wanted his autographs. they were so cute and Zeke was really nice to them signing and taking photos with them.

i know Zeke's gonna hate me for using words like "kind" and "nice" to describe him... he's gonna yell at me tomorrow. ha ha.

Thank you Lau family for taking me to dinner!


Saturday, January 30, 2010


With Zeke's family.


Finally the rain stopped. Windy and kindda crappy up in north shore.

Lunch time

Pupikea grill

He's back

Zeke back from New Zealand so I picked him up and now we are off to ns.

Friday, January 29, 2010

HSA contest cancelled

HSA contest this weekend is cancelled. Just so you know!

Kaz Sano

They are short!

I knew these girls are like 3' tall.

Welcome Home Hawaii World JR Surf Team!

Welcome back guys and girls! They did such an amazing job representing Hawaii!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Landon Mcnamara!

Found Landon's photo from today at Volcom Pipe Pro on Transworld.
Now you know what i was talking about on my last post... maybe it's more like 5x overhead... crazy!

Landon, you are the MAN!

Volcom Pipeline Pro, Landon Mcnamara, Hawaii Jr World Team coming home!

Volcom Pipeline Pro was on today. I had to work on my computer but i was watching the webcast. The waves were insane! 10ft Hawaiian and offshore wind!

it's insane how good the webcast is for this contest. only thing missing was the ground shaking as the sets hit the beach. if they can come up with that technology, i'm staying home to watch all the contests from now on! ha ha.

I gotta say Landon McNamara was the MAN today! or should i say the BOY. ha ha. he's only 13 and he was charging and advancing to the next round. i mean the waves look huge on all the grown ups, so when Landon took of on his waves they were like 4x overhead. i was freaking out watching him take off on the biggest wave of the heat, bottom turn (it's not easy to bottom turn when you are going mach 5 straight down a wave), get shacked (could've probably fit 3 of Landon in that thing), and coming out!

Awesome job Landon!

Hawaii World Jr team is coming home tomorrow morning! They did amazing! They took 2nd in over all, Alessa Quizon got 2nd in Under 18 Girls, and Koa Smith got 3rd in Under 16 Boys.

They did a great job representing Hawaii to the world.

Alessa was ripping, even landing an air.

Koa did awesome too.

Aloha cup was super fun to watch. the team was cheering the whole time.

I found this cool photo from the ISA site, Tanner posing right before his heat.
Super proud of Hawaii kids. you guys and girls did awesome! I'll see you all tomorrow at the airport!

oh, and if you want to come greet them at the airport, their flight Quantas #003 is landing at 8:45am at the International Terminal!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hawaii team hats!

In4mation and Aloha Army hooked me up with 2 Hawaii Jr team hats. So
I'm gonna give the Aloha Army one with Hawaii flag away soon! So keep
checking back!

The one in the photo is the in4mation one. I'm keeping this one! Ha ha.

Thanks Aloha Army and in4mation!

Visiting Geoff

Visiting Rusty team manager Geoff at T&C.


Town had some waves! I paddled out to my spot and joy and Jenna was
out there.

Time for a change?!?! & My Inspiring Anaheim Crew

So i was working all day on my computer today. Started at 9am and it's 4am now... so tired.

while i was working, i was watching the ISA World Jr Championship online. I think it's time to change they run the event.

It was so irritating to watch Hawaii's Isaiah Moniz's heat. 3 men heat, 2 from USA and Isaiah. 2 USA surfers were blocking Isaiah the whole heat. Isaiah couldn't catch any decent waves.
i know other teams, even Hawaii, use this tactic but it was just really hard to watch. Isaiah's been surfing really good and i know how he surfs on those kind of waves from watching him for years. Isaiah would've advanced if he wasn't blocked the whole heat.

so is this a good way to crown a world jr champ? i know other great surfers went down the same way Isaiah did.

only other sports this happens (that i can think of right now at 4am... ha ha) is NASCAR. it's an "individual" sport but they have teams (different car makers) and often times helping each other out.

i just hope the surfing industry see this and make some changes. all i want is fair game, where the best kid can win.

if i were in the same position, i'd punched them or something. Great job Isaiah for keeping your cool and surfing great at the event. Hawaii's very proud of you!

ok, enough complaining. i want to talk little about my Anaheim crew. I'm amazed how talented my crew at the Anaheim house are.

Bill's an amazing bass player and super talented graphic artist. He's company Nawa Media's been doing great and he got some big name companies seeking him out to do work for them.

Thang's (aka Tom the barber) the man when it comes to haircut. He's the best barber around and i know people drive miles to get their fades from Thang. every time i try to get my haircut from him, there's like 3 hours wait!

and Brian's a genius when it comes to music. He wrote some hits internationally and he's the one who wrote me the Novus Swell intro for me and i only gave him less than a day to write that!
He just wrote a song for True Religion Jeans and it's on their site right now. the craziest part about this song he wrote was that the video was given to him already edited, so he had to write the music to go with the video instead of them editing the video to go with the song.
oh, and he knows so much about music history, politics, and world history. He's going to be my phone lifeline if i ever go on a game show. ha ha.

So they are my Anaheim crew, 3 guys doing what they love and doing great. They inspire me a lot. I need to work harder so i don't look like a doosh bag when i visit and hangout with them.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Webisode! Bets!

Just uploaded the new webisode! I do random bets and contests with kids all the time. So this webisode is about me making kids do fun stuff they wouldn't normally do unless there's something they want or money's involved. ha ha. Enjoy!

We have a pair of Ronin Sunglasses and a hat to give a way on this webisode! Enter to win at

Thank you Ronin for sending me the prizes!
Sponsored by

Monday, January 25, 2010

on going ex duty... ha ha

Got a call this morning from my ex, Christie, cuz her car wasn't working. I went over there to see what's wrong with her car.
I got it running but didn't want her driving it before change some parts so i ended up fixing her moped too so she can go to work.
I guess my car duty keeps going after our relationship... ha ha. i don't really mind tho, it was nice seeing her. looks like she's doing well!

Weekend fun!

I had a great weekend even tho we had Kona wind all weekend and tricky waves. Saturday, I was up in North Shore all day. we surfed our "secret" spot, and played on the shore break at Ehukai Beach in the afternoon.

There were some sand bars so some groms were surfing and some were getting pounded on the shore breaks.

Reef Tsutsui was just leaving when i was getting in the water. looked like he had a great day surfing outside and bodyboarding inside all day!

Seth Moniz showing us how to standup on a boadyboard on a wave breaking on the sand.

Once in a while kids who are surfing outside will connect all the way to the beach. I tried to run up to them to snap some shots.

Kaulana Apo
Barron Mamiya

Bailey Nagy starting a new style!?!? Ha ha.

No board? no worries! all these kids need are ocean and their body!
John Quizon

Kaihea Kealoha

Magan McHale

Cole Yamakawa

Mahina Maeda

Kaihea, view from the top of a wave about to get crushed!

The water was clear so shot some photos of the kids underwater too.

John getting pounded. ha ha

Kaihea mermaid

Dayton Quizon posing for the camera.

Kaihea and Megan

Look how clear the water is! Mahina

Mahina and Kaihea posing not caring if the wave is breaking right on top of them!

Hold your breath Joy Haynes!

Wipeout! Kaihea and Mahina collision.

Kaihea backflip attempt with a little help from Dayton.
Face plant! ha ha

I told them to look nice... Dayton and Bailey.

The tide shifted and there were some fun backwash too!

These kids are so comfortable with getting tossed around, i can do this without worries.

Me holding Mahina making sure she gets pounded! ha ha
Hold it...
Hold it...
Bye bye!

We all had a fun day!

The weather sucked but when all these groms get together, it's always end up having a great time.