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Thursday, September 30, 2010

NSSA, HSA, North Shore Menehune Contest, Rell Sunn Menehune Contest UPDATES - Running on Water?!?! (video)

Ok, a quick updates on contests.

NSSA at Sunset beach is ON. BUT they are not running Explore Super Groms and Open Girls divisions at this event. All other divisions are ON so i'll see you all there!

HSA at Straight Out is ON. They are running all divisions on SUNDAY.

Did you turn in your entry for North Shore Menehune contest? It must be POSTMARKED by tomorrow, Oct 1st so do it NOW!

35th Annual Rell Sunn Menehune Contest at Makaha this year is on November 26th! The entry must be RECEIVED by November 12, 2010. I know we still have time but DON'T BE LATE to enter!

We had a great time at Girls Who Surf contest this past weekend. If you haven't checkout the video webisode, here it is. enjoy!

I saw this video on Genki Kino's blog a while ago and totally forgot about it.
do you think it's gonna be the next big thing? i doubt it. it doesn't even look that fun but amazing how these guys are actually running on water. what do you think?

We still have waves everywhere! I've been getting reports from people telling "it was firing!" from North Shore, West Side, and Town. Hope it stays like this forever!

See you in the water!


Surfing town with Missy. It's a actually really good!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Josh Moniz is the man! - Better than Pipe waves in Japan?!? - No Dogs Allowed

Josh Moniz has been in France at Quiksilver King of the Groms WORLD Championship. Yes, World!

He made to Quarter finals, so he got equal 5th in the world. That's an amazing accomplishment, good job Josh!

Josh had to go through a lot to get there. This past season, Quiksilver cancelled their King of the Groms Hawaii. They invited just hand full of groms to compete in Southern California. He was one of the invitee and had to surf crappy Goldenwest by Huntington Beach against tons of local groms there who know the waves there better than Josh and the rest of kids from Hawaii.

Josh killed it there and won that event.

In France, he didn't disappoint his families and friends who were watching the live webcast middle of the night.
Great job Josh! Hawaii is very proud of you!

I've known Japan gets good waves during hurricane season but check out this video. i didn't know it gets this good! look at how thick the waves are. No wonder why Japan got some great big wave surfers.

Thank you Toyo for sending me the link to this video.

Still got one more day to enter to win "No Dogs Allowed" shirt!
I'm making this one super easy to enter. all you have to do is email with "No Dogs Allowed" as the subject. that's it. Don't worry i won't sell, share or use your email address other than contacting you if you win.

make sure you use an email account where i can email you back when you win. i got 2 size L to give a way. so 2 winners will be picked this Thursday (tomorrow) at 10pm.

Good luck everyone!

I surfed town this evening and the waves were really good. 3ft Hawaiian, bigger on some sets, it was raining on and off but the condition was great and not many people out. Had so much fun! i forgot how fun it is to surf good decent size waves cuz i'm shooting when it's like that most of the time.

there are waves everywhere, so go surf!!


Not bad

Was stuck working on my computer all day so decided to check the waves in town. Not bad, some fun size waves!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WIN "No Dogs Allowed" Shirt by Aloha Army & Defend Hawaii

Novus Swell's sponsor Aloha Army hooked it up! We got 2 "No Dogs Allowed" t-shirts to give a way. Both of them are white and size L. I know this design will sell out since there have been so much hype.

Click on the image above or click here to enter to WIN "No Dogs Allowed" shirt!

Good luck everyone and thank you Aloha Army!


15 min of fame. ha ha. - No Dogs Allowed!

After an early morning filming session with Kapu Ping and Derek Wong at Waimea, I got an email and i got some graphic design work i need to do ASAP... so i had to drive my butt all the way home and now sitting here in front of my computer again.

How were the waves? waves were good but still little inconsistant in the morning. i'm sure they are really good right now that i'm home. ha ha.

Derek and i got interviewed by StarAdvertiser so check out the little article they did.

Nice, they put Novus Swell in there for me. Free exposures are great specially on Hawaii's ONLY newspaper. ha ha.

Novus Swell's webisodes sponsor Aloha Army got a sick shirt coming out on Oct 1st.

How's that! It was inspired by an incident at Kewalos where the Dog disrespected locals, specially our good friend Travis.

They aren't just hating Dog for no reason...
"Dog made his money while exploiting and taking advantage of people and there families going through ruff and troubled times. That aint cool or thats what a lot of people that live in the islands think. Better you just go home cause you don’t share any sense of Aloha." - Aloha Army

AND they made a video for this special release!


visit to find out where you can get this must have shirt of the year!

ok, i better get back to work so i can shoot tomorrow!


They are going out

Not the biggest but Waimea is breaking. Kapu and Derek are padding out. Not bad for Sept!


Gonna go check out waimea with Kapu and Derek.

Monday, September 27, 2010

S2W36: Girls Who Surf Contest 2010 at Kewalos

ok, i know it's still Monday BUT i'm posting the new webisode tonight instead of Tuesday morning like i normally do.

Why? cuz looks like Waimea might be breaking tomorrow and i want to go shoot in the morning. Can you believe that? Sept and Waimea might start breaking already! Yes, the first Waimea of SUMMER. ha ha.

Girls Who Surf had their Annual contest at Kewalos over the weekend. It's a great event giving girls chance to shine! They even have a "Novice" divisions for girls who normally don't do contests or girls who's trying out contest for the first time.

The waves were super fun waist to shoulder high and all the girls were ripping out there having fun. Good job girls and thank you Girls Who Surf for another great event!

Enjoy the video!
Sponsored by
Novus Swell supports "Not Even Once"

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Contest in the morning, BBQ in the afternoon, & a couple of surf sessions. Had a great Sunday.

Girls who surf

Heatsheet. Starts at 730 am

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Off to North Shore

Off to North Shore but I'm not driving. Meet my driver, Zeke.
But how many boards do one person needs to bring?!?!? Ha ha.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Casper the friendly ghost get's to surf again this Sunday!

Remember Cole Yamakawa with his burnt hand?

if you don't remember what happened, here's his profile video.

well, he had his surgery a while a go and yesterday he got to jump in the water. well, not to surf yet but to see if he can still float. ha ha.

he showed me what the hand looks like now.

looking good Cole! He said he gets to surf this coming Sunday. so i guess he's going to get darker and i need to ditch his nickname i gave him, Casper, since he's friendly and was as white as a ghost. ha ha.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Waves everywhere.

There are waves everywhere. Go surf!
The ex best friends are ready. Ha ha.

HSA, NSSA, Girls Who Surf, 34th Annual North Shore Menehune Contest UPDATES!

HSA UPDATE!! HSA this weekend at Renicks is CANCELLED!! so the next HSA will be at Straight Out on Oct 2&3.

On Oct 2&3, NSSA is having their Sunset event as well. If they don't have the Haleiwa contest (still TBA), this can be the only event at Oahu.

So, look at your standings and number of events you have done and decide which contest you should be doing!

now this weekend... Girls Who Surf is having their annual contest at Kewalos on Sunday, Oct 26th.

I've been informed that they are going to have BOYS divisions as well since HSA contest is cancelled.

Their online registration doesn't show "boys" division SO call them at (808) 772-4583 to enter! I know they wanted everyone to enter by last week but i'm pretty sure they can still enter you since they just added the BOYS divisions.

It's that time of the year! 34th Annual North Shore Menehune contest!! It is the LONGEST running menehune contest in the WORLD and if you've done it before, they got the BEST goodies!

This year, they are holding it on Oct 16,27 & 23, 24 at Haleiwa, Ali'i beach.

go to to enter. You need to enter by Oct. 1st and that's coming up soon so do it NOW!

I hope all these updates will make your life little bit easier. so figure out which events you are doing and turn in your entry forms.

See you in the water!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

S2W35: The First North Shore Swell of the Season!

This has been the worst summer season ever. We really never had any solid swells the whole season... BUT the first North Shore swell showed up super early this year! Since we have given up on South Shore swells and been waiting for North Shore season, we drove up to take advantage of this rare September North Shore Swell!

We ended up at Vland and the waves were going off! Kids were out there over 4 hours surfing non stop.

Let's hope this Winter season will be a good one!

Enjoy the video!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

North Shore!

Early NS swell is looking good!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day #2

Day number 2 at the HSA contest at Ala Moana Court.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Koa Tree contest

Koa Tree contest at Sandys is on Oct 16,17. I'll post a downloadable entry form when I get home tonight.

HSA at Courts

HSA at Courts is on! See you all here!

Friday, September 17, 2010

My footage of the crazy boat guy on the news! - What you should do if you want to start surfing!

I got a call from KITV4 today asking me if they can use the footage i got of the crazy boat guy trying to run over a parasailing boat full of tourists. i gave them permission to use it (for some $$! ha ha) and they ran the story today on the news.
you can click on the image above. or you can click

Good thing i was too tired to surf that day. the waves were small so i'd normally would've just surfed but i just felt like sitting around so i was just happened to be filming.

see that kids, it pays to be lazy sometimes! ha ha. nah, nah. don't be lazy, work hard for what you want.

one of the most common emails i get from people are "i want to surf but where do i start?".

well, don't go out and spend hundreds of dollars and get a surfboard, specially a shortboard! i mean what if you don't like it and surfing is no an easy sport. not only you have to paddle out to the lineup, you need to read the waves, paddle into a right wave, and FINALLY you get to surf.

what i usually tell people is... go take a lesson first! it's a great way to learn about ocean safety, surfing etiquette, and best of all, you will catch waves, stand up, and surf with help from the instructors.

i know i am a bias reviewer for surf schools but i honestly think Tony and Tammy Moniz's school, Faith Surf School, is the best around.

I've been to Waikiki and watch different surf schools working but Faith is by far the friendliest and can tell they enjoy what they do.

so if you want to try surfing, hit them up. you might get hooked on surfing like us or even if you don't the feeling you get from sliding on top of waves is just unreal. everyone should experience that at least once in their lives!

HSA contest tomorrow so i'll see you all at Ala Moana Courts!


HSA update

The contest at Ala Moana Court is ON! Saturday= Jr Mens, Boys under11, Boys 12-14, Open Mens, Mens, Masters and Grand Masters. (Shortboard divisions)

The rest of the divisions are on Sunday.

Kaz Sano

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Have a PUPU KINE evening everyone!

You all should know Kylen Yamakawa by now, right? well, if not, here's his profile i did a while back.

ok, now you know who he is. well, Kylen and his friends started a new clothing company, PUPU KINE. PUPU KINE is anything and everything positive, like "i had a PUPU KINE surf session today". well, check out Kylen's blog to find out more!

So Kylen hooked me up with a PUPU KINE shirt and stickers today!
These stickers are going on my board for sure!

so stoked these kids are trying new things and having fun doing it!

so everyone, have a PUPU KINE evening and see you in the water!


Thanks Clark Takashima, the surf artist!

When i was at the beach today, i ran into an artist Clark Takashima. He does really sick work and a super nice guy.

He was the one who did the artwork for Haleiwa International Open this past Dec. if you don't know what i'm talking about, check out this Novus Swell webisode.

Clark's been super busy and told me he hadn't had time to surf for over 2 months! It was really nice to see him finally got some time in the water.

He's art can be purchased at local art galleries and also i've heard he has a couple of art shows coming up too!

before Clark left the beach, he hooked me up with one of his paintings!! so stoked! thanks Clark!

check his site out to see his amazing work, who he is, and where to find him and his work.

I know lot of groms are into art but not sure where to go to find out how it is to be an artist and how to get your artwork out to people, hit me up. i'll connect you to Clark so you can ask him all the questions you have.

thanks again Clark for the painting and your friendship!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The special card that's always in my wallet - Waves!! Time for a photo session! - Kewalos hierarchy

There are few things i ALWAYS carry in my wallet. my driver's license, credit card and this special card. that's right, sometimes i'm so broke there's no cash in it. ha ha.

When i first started Novus Swell, Brueggemann family gave me a congrats card with this in it. We still didn't know each other as well as we do today but they have been supporting what i do since the day one.

even now when i doubt myself about what i'm doing and if it's any good, i take out this card. yeah what it says on the card is great but it's more than that... that there were people like Brueggemann family who believed in me in the beginning and they continue to support my effort today.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who's been supporting my effort, specially the Bruggemann ohana. Thanks guys!
Karl, Michelle, and their daughter Nicole (aka: my bodyguard!). their sons Devin was still surfing and Jordan didn't want to be in the photo cuz he's a teenager. ha ha.

So did you get to surf today? well, if you didn't, you missed out! well, it wasn't that good in the morning but in the afternoon, the condition cleaned up and it was super fun!

of course i went SURFING in the morning when it wasn't that good and decided to shoot photos in the afternoon. aaahhhh so nice to be a surf photog, can't surf when it's good! ha ha.

Derek Wong ready to paddle out! i didn't connect with him today tho... sorry Derek, no photos for you today.

Kyle Aukai's been surfing with us for a while now but this was the first time me shooting him. i guess i was supposed to tell him to surf like if i weren't there. ha ha.

One of the original Kewalos groms (well, he's an grown up now. ha ha). He was making sure all the new groms know why he dominates this break. so kids, if you see Kapu paddling for a wave, you better not even think about going on the same wave as him!

i mean who does a turn like this on good size wave like we had today? Kapu is the man!

Seth Moniz has been earning his spot on the lineup. He still can't sit as far out as Kapu but Seth is getting there. he's one of the smart ones who's been respectful to the uncles in the lineup, surfing inside and moving little bit more outside every year.

the result... now he can catch waves like this at Kewalos and all the uncles got his back!

This kid (sorry i don't know your name yet.) has been coming out and surfing the inside break improving his surfing skills hoping one of the uncles to call him to sit outside one day. he's improved a lot since the first day he started coming here.

Keanu Ikalani has been steadily proving himself too. he got this nice nugg today... Keanu, pull in the barrel!!! ha ha.

Noa Mizuno is down to do anything i tell him. after seeing Keanu's wave i told Noa to start pulling in the barrel. well, he was going for it after that!

BUT... he still can't sit as far out as some other guys so i was little too far out to get him in the barrel. sorry Noa, next time i'll get a barrel shots of you!

Since i talked little about where everyone sits at Kewalos, let me point out some stuff really quick. Kewalos is one of the few spots in town with pretty strong localism. There are uncles who's been surfing there for years even before the paved parking lot.

the uncles sits outside and once they are paddling for waves, nobody paddles for those waves. Even when you think they aren't going to catch it, don't even try to paddle for them.

next there are guys in their 30-40s who's been accepted by the uncles and Kapu, Zeke, and Derek. they paddle battle each other for waves but try not to get involve in that cuz they can get pretty upset!

after that, Josh, Seth and other kids and guys.

AND finally new kids and adults inside Josh and Seth guys.

There's been lot of random people coming to Kewalos and sitting outside with the uncles or with Kapu and them. DON'T DO IT. either you won't catch any waves or people are just going to drop in on you. and if you drop in on some of the guys out there, they WILL run you over. you'll have better time sitting inside or going somewhere else.

i know it sounds kindda nuts this hierarchy in town but that's how it's been and how it will be.

if you are new to a break (any break), just take your time and watch for a while. you'll see what's going on and who are the locals and dominate the break. if you respect them and surf within their rules, one day one of the uncle's going to tell you "come sit outside more".

be safe out there, you want to get pounded by the waves and not some uncles. ha ha.

more swell's on the way, see you in the water!