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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Now I get to surf

The girls were surfing so good I didn't want to go surf next to them... they would have made me look like a kook. Now that they are done surfing, I get to surf! Ha ha.

Look who's driving now!

Look who's driving now! Carissa got her license and a truck, styling and cruising!

S2W32: Up and Riding Grand Opening at Kahala Mall

Up and Riding had a Grand Opening at Kahala Mall this month so I stopped by to check it out. Up and Riding is a surf shop specialize in kids, baby to 14 years old. They have everything! Shoes, trunks, shirts, shorts, dresses, bikinis, backpacks, hats, boards, etc all for KIDS!

With a Hawaiian blessing of the store, the New Up & Riding was officially open! They had live music, pupus and autograph signing by Imai DeVault, Ezekiel Lau, Noa Mizuno, Kelia "Sister" Moniz, Seth Moniz and Josh Moniz.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Seth is on the shirt!

So for HSA event number 2, Seth Moniz got on the shirt. Since Jenna and I are huge fans they wanted seth's signature. Seth signed I love you on both of our shirts(: we're two happy girls
From Joy Haynes

HSA straight out

HSA Straight Out all day today. Waves are actually looking pretty good.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

HSA contest update

HSA contest update. The contest tomorrow at Straight Out is ON! See you all there!!

Kaz Sano

Happy Birthday Carissa!

We are all here for carissa's birthday. Happy birthday Carissa!


Everyone's at the beach today but if they are going out I better not cuz I won't be catching anything. Ha ha.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

And the winner of the FITTED Surf Pack Hats is...

Wow, I got so many people entering for FITTED Autographed Surf Pack Hats giveaway!

As you know, the contest ENDED and i got to pick the winner. and the winner is... Andie Palmer!! Congrats Andie, i emailed you so please email me back with your mailing address.

Thank you everyone who entered and supporting Novus Swell.

Another congrats goes to Kaito Kino! He just had his 16th birthday and i was invited to his house for an amazing evening BBQ for his birthday and his brother Genki for kicking a$$ in Japan longboarding. Happy Birthday Kaito!
(photo: Genki Kino... i stole from his blog. ha ha.)

It's that time of the year, 2nd Annual RedBull Rivals surf contest! It will be held on Sept 4th at Sandys Beach.
It's going to be even more interesting this year. Coco Ho will be North Shore captain and Carissa Moore will be South Shore captain!

I think there are some waves in town, so i'm gonna jump in the water in a bit. it's the best way to keep me sane so i don't end up beating up some kids. ha ha.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Coco is here today. Sorry she's overexposed in the photo but wanted to make sure i get buddy and isaiah too.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cole Yamakawa Interview!

Just posted the new video webisode. I sat down with a 15 years old Cole Yamakawa to chat with him a little. He has been only surfing for few years yet surfing solid qualified to National Championships in both NSSA and Surfing America last season. He is not only a great surfer but great student doing well at Punahou school as well. With strong support from his families, sponsors and friends, I think he'll be the one to watch in next few years. Enjoy the video!

You still have one more day to enter to win FITTED limited edition Surf Pack hats signed by the designers/surfers. So don't forget to go to and sign up!

Also, if you haven't done so, subscribe to Novus Swell video PodCast! This way you can take the webisodes everywhere on your iPod, iPhone, Laptop, etc. Now you can watch the webisodes with your friends during the breaks at your school or work!
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Monday, August 23, 2010


Afternoon session with Zeke. The waves actually picked up from this morning. It should be fun!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nice sunday afternoon photo session!

Had a great day today even the waves weren't that great. I met up with Cole Yamakawa this morning to talk to him since i haven't talk to him since he burned his hand. (i'll let you know more about that in a few day.)

I jumped in the water for a surf session before all the kids wake up and show up to the beach. i had a great mellow session with not many people and few kids who woke up early. ha ha.

in the afternoon, after bunch of kids showed up, i decided to jump in the the water to shoot some still photos. i gained so much weight from my Vegas trip, i thought it'll be good idea to stay active today. ha ha.

Kaito Kino has been surfing really good lately.

He just won both Jr mens and Open Mens divisions at HSA yesterday and by watching him surf there's no surprise why he did.

He was busting air reverses all over the place and like i said before, the waves weren't that good today.

Every time i take photos of EJ Mitsui, he always have his eyes CLOSED! after taking this shot, we were both laughing saying "i bet your eyes were closed." ha ha.

well, his eyes are finally open on this photo, yes!

One of my first generation kid, Alyssa Wooten. i love talking to her even more now that she is learning so much about politics and world economy. she has very similar views on stuff as i do and i didn't even have to force her. ha ha.

I think everyone know Josh Moniz surfs good. i hardly ever get photos of him because he doesn't like being the spotlight. when he sees me out with my camera, he usually paddles away to another break. Today, i MADE him stay where i was. ha ha.

Joey Johnston is one funny kid! he's always smiling doing something funny. kindda reminds me of me when i was his age.

Since it was already later in the afternoon, i told him i need to shoot the lefts. i know he wanted me to shoot the rights but he just told me "ok, that's good. i've always wanted a butt shot!" with a huge smile. well, Joey... here it is. ha ha.

Mahina Maeda can surf! i wish i was surfing like her when i was 12!!! well actually, i'd be super happy if i can surf like her now. ha ha.

Mahina being a 12 yr old. ha ha.

like i said, i wish i could surf like her.

I remember seeing Kailee Graf a while ago being pushed into waves by her mom. Now she's out there by herself catching her own waves! Not only she's catching her own waves, she's pumping to get through sections and doing some impressive turns now. i wish i was young... i've been surfing the same for years not improving at all.

This is Kailee's sister Kelly Graf. She's another kid who's been improving a lot. she got the sickest backside bottom turn to a snap on the lip. We didn't connect today so i didn't get any shots of her surfing but i got one of my all time favorite shot!

She's such a funny girl, she always come up to me making faces and making me laugh.

Rusty surf team manager Geoff Wong was out there longboarding, practicing for next week's contest at Queens, Waikiki. He just hooked me up with a wetsuit top so i felt like i had to get some shots for him even tho he's not a kid. ha ha.

It's been a while since i was surrounded by kids because i was gone for a while. Let me just say i hate kids because they get better at surfing everyday when it's taking me 5 years to learn any new moves. ha ha. nah, nah. i love kids!

Day like today make me realize how great kids are and how great it is to be around them. they are just stoked to be out there surfing with their friends. i think us grown ups got lot to learn from these little guys and girls. i think i smiled and laughed more this weekend than i have in 3 weeks.

Thanks kids!

btw, if you see kid's name highlighted, that means he/she has own blog. some of them update often and some never does (Yes you, Kaito!! ha ha) but please click and check their blogs out and show them your support!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Haven't seen them in a while.

Town got some waves, finally, so some north shore kids were here today. I haven't seen them in a long time.

HSA update

HSA update, next week's event at Straight Out will be on SUNDAY only!!

Kaz Sano

The boys

These guys are doing really good today at the contest!

Heat sheets

Heat sheets for the contest


HSA sandys is ON!

Friday, August 20, 2010

HSA update!

HSA event #2 at Sandys this weekend!! There are some waves so most likely they will run it as schedule!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another over hyped crappy south swell - Stoked to be working with Macy Mullen again!

I woke up early today thinking there's going to be a good south swell as every surf report has been telling us. I even talked to Macy Mullen and met up with him to go shoot some photos.

Macy and I used to go shoot all the time before he moved to California. We used to click so well, i could be half sleep and still get some great shots. Only think i didn't like was that he would call me at 6am so we can meet up at 10am... I'm not a morning person so i used to get mad at him for waking me up all the time. ha ha.

I think i had both of my eyes closed cuz I only had 2 hours of sleep thank to Macy waking me up back in 2007... still connected with him getting the shot. ha ha.

This was the first time us working together since he moved back here. I was super excited to shoot him, just like the old days!

We met up and checked everywhere starting at Diamond Head stopping and checking all the spots until we got to Kewalos.

Why the loooong surf check? Cuz the condition and this supposed to be "good" swell SUCKED! There were some decent size waves here and there but nothing close to what every surf report was saying. Long wait and not even that big... another over hyped south swell.

Macy and I didn't really care tho. we were so excited to work together, we jumped in the water hoping for the best but expecting nothing.

if you were there watching the waves, you'd be amazed we even got these shots. so i guess we still clicked pretty good. (btw, it so weird to see my photography logo... i haven't used it in years now but i figured i use it since Macy is not a grom or Jr. ha ha.)

Kapu Ping came out expecting way better waves too. Now it was really like the old days! I met Kapu through Macy years ago and we used to go shoot together all the time.

I know you guys want to see the BEST shot of the day... well, here it is!

Just look at the amazing style Macy's known for and Diamond Head in the back just sealed the deal! We were done after this since we knew we got the SHOT! ha ha.

It was great working with Macy again. Even with today's far from great waves, we were out there having fun making fun of each other. i think i got more workout from laughing so much than being out there shooting. ha ha.


The girls

Just finishes surfing with Alyssa, Sister and Jenna. Don't know what happened but where's the swell?? Another disappointing south swell.

Like the old days

Gonna go shoot Macy today! It's been a while, stoked!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chance to meet the MAN who changed surfing!

It's not often you get a chance to meet surf legends BUT guys from Hawaiian South Shore just told me a HUGE news!

Simon Anderson will be at the shop on Monday Aug. 23rd from 5pm to 7pm!

I'm sure some of you kids are going "who's that?". ha ha. well, he's the MAN who added the 3rd fin on surfboards when everyone was riding twin fins!

it might sounds like not that big deal adding an extra fin but can you imagine if he never did? we might be still riding twin fins. and the fact majority of surfboards today use HIS setup shows that it works!

So now you know who he is, if you can, go meet the man and thank him!

remember, this coming Monday, 23rd. 5pm to 7pm at Hawaiian South Shore!