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Sunday, January 30, 2011

North Shore

In north shore now but wind's picking up already.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

HSA at Sandys - The clumsiest girl in the world - How's he sponsor less? he surfs better than most surfers out there!

Today was an HSA contest at Sandys. I woke up super early and picked Joy Haynes up. If you know Joy, you know she's the clumsiest person in the world... i was putting her board in my van when Joy fell coming down the stairs. good thing it was the last step.

I was laughing so hard. i remembered to take a photo but totally forgot to help her up. ha ha.

with a nice scrape on Joy's knee, we were off to Sandys. when we got there, it was still dark and got to see an amazing sunrise with a bright moon still out.

by 7am, the parking lot was getting full and kids were all there. it's amazing how these kids wake up super early on weekends when there are contests.

The waves were about waist high, weak and onshore wind all day. it was really tricky out there but the kids surfed well and we all had a fun day!

I love watching kids surf. they are all the future of Hawaii surfing and it's amazing how some kids improve so much in few weeks.
long day at the beach today and super tired but had a great day. Good job today everyone!

i started Novus Swell because i felt Hawaii young surfers aren't getting the support they deserve from the industry.

here's a prime example. How is 19 yr old Albee Layer from Maui sponsor less?? he surfs better than most surfers out there.
i really hope he gets the support he deserve from the industry soon.

No contest tomorrow so i don't have to wake up before sunrise! ha ha.


HSA heatsheets

HSA Heatsheets for today's sandys event.

Hsa update

HSA at Sandys is ON today! 

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cole the bionic man! - Must watch video from Google Ninjas!

Went to Haleiwa today with Cole and Derek in the afternoon. It was actually pretty fun. way better than flat town for sure.

Cole is becoming a bionic man when he surfs. he gotta wear a glove to protect his skin from his bad burn last year AND he sprained his finger yesterday so had to wear a ghetto finger splint. ha ha.

you HAVE to check out this video for Google's new smartphone Nexus. Try to watch it again after you are done watching the first time by reloading the page. there are like 6 different endings.

i guess if you own YouTube (yes, Google owns YouTube), you can do these crazy videos.

There's an HSA contest at Sandy's tomorrow! i'll see you there!


HSA update

HSA update. Sandy's event is ON tomorrow, Sat. One day event. Every division surfs tomorrow. Will update again tomorrow morning.

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I think he is a creature from another planet

He's done it again! John Florence wins at Pipe, this time in Volcom Pipe Pro. He is on fire these days. He just won Da Hui Backdoor Shootout and now this.

It's crazy to see John out there because he looks so comfortable at one of the most dangerous breaks in the world. I really think he's a creature from another planet. No one should be that comfortable out there.

Yeah, i think he was stoked! specially winning infront of families and friends.

Congrats John! The whole Hawaii is stoked for you!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Volcom Pipe Pro - are dogs smarter than people? - kids volunteering - the best idea ever!

Yesterday i went to Pipe for the 1st day of Volcom Pipe Pro.

The waves were pretty good in the morning but the wind switched and had to stop the contest for an hour or so before it resumed.

it's always interesting to see people who are there to watch the contest. i've done this so many times and i'm at the beach all the time so i stay in the shades as much as possible.

i think the dog was smarter than it's owners here. the dog chilled in the shades (bottom right) while i saw the owners (the guy in green trunks and the girl) get sunburn. ha ha.

i used to work for these contests all the time. i think some people behind the scene don't get enough credits. these guys work over 12 hours a day days before, during and after the contest.
you know no one will try to mess with these guys. Spam and Kimo are the perfect security guys during the event. ha ha.

Saw some kids who are home schooled checking out the event too. (Kirra Seale, her mom, friend, Ryan Shanley)

If you go check out the contest, make sure buy some Pipe Pro stuff! Not only they are limited and cool but Sunset Elementary gets some money per sale.

These girls were volunteering their time to help out all day.
(Siena Pyzel, Ocean Tsutsui, Indie Pyzel, Makani Adric)
Good job girls! i ended up spending so much money there... these girls are good sales people. ha ha.

Check out what Yasuo (Mahina Maeda's dad) showed me. It must be the coolest trick for shooting surfing! thanks Yasuo!

I can see the screen super clear even in the sun and i can use it to keep my beer nice and cold after. ha ha.

They held the day 2 today but i had things i need to do in town so i couldn't go but i heard the waves were really good!

One of things i had to do today was to meet up with Vitamin Water.
They've been helping me out so groms can stay hydrated when we are at the beach.
Their new favor Stur-D is pretty good. Lot of kids are liking the flavor and it got lot of vitamins and calcium in it with electrolyte to get you hydrated fast.

Thanks Vitamin Water for helping me out!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Volcom pipe

Chilling at Volcom pipe event. There are some hawaii's younger guys in this event. Stoked to see them surfing pipe.

S3W3: Volcom VQS Pufferfish Series at Maili Point

The water at Maili Point cleaned up and Volcom held it's VQS Pufferfish Series stop #3. It's a free event for all ages and if you do well, you can qualify to it's Championships at Newport Beach in California coming up in May. Tons of free giveaways, great goodie bags, and games. It is just a fun event for everyone.

Everyone was ripping out there. Enjoy the video!
Sponsored by
Novus Swell supports "Not Even Once"

Congrats to my older brother, Aki!

I went to and this is what i saw.
See that icon with a chef's hat? that's my brother's company's icon! that thing is above eBay's icon. stoked!

He started his company with no money and now it is a publicly traded company in Japan.

i got lot of catching up to do cuz i want Novus Swell to be bigger than my brother's Cookpad! Gotta beat him at this so i can point and laugh at his face one day! ha ha.


Sunday, January 23, 2011


It's on. Fun waves ad the weather looks like gonna be great today!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Matty Costa Hit Me!! - Photoshoot at Tracks - McDonald's and Flies

i had another exciting day today... Of course partly thanks to Matty Costa AGAIN!

Woke up early, picked up Derek Wong and went to Tracks again. It was looking good again today!

Davin Jaime, Matty Costa and Kaulana Apo were out there surfing already. They told me that they got there before sunrise, paddled out when it was still dark.

I wanted to shoot some photos. since they are all goofy footers, i decided to shoot the lefts so i don't end up with bunch of butt shots even tho the lighting wasn't the best.

I wanted to be out there before the wind pick up so i got ready and was out there!

i tell the kids to come hit me so they get close enough for good shots.

This was the first wave Matty and I connected... so like 15 minutes into shooting. Matty was turning right by me... I was thinking "Yes, perfect positioning!"

I'm still thinking "yes!" right here.

Now i'm thinking "@#%!$#@^#@!!"
Matty HIT my camera!

When his board hit my camera, it was so loud people on the beach told me that they heard the "bang!"

luckily i just got little scratch on my housing and Matty's fin got little scratch. that was scary!

Matty, when i said come hit me, i meant come close BUT not really hit me! ha ha.

After that i wasn't getting as close as i wanted to the kids. They were all ripping tho, specially Matty.

Here are some shots of him.

noticed how i'm far away from Matty now? ha ha.

Derek was surfing the right but came over to the left for this one.

Kaulana was making surfing look easy.
and yes, he landed this and was stoked i was there to get the shots.

Devin Brueggemann came out after a while. Better watch out for him, he's surfing good these days.

Davin and i never connect. We've tried so many times and i think we got one shot after like 2 years. ha ha.

we were doing better today tho. we connected few times.

Kylen Yamakawa came with his brother Cole. Cole was surfing the right so only got Kylen.

Didn't look like Kylen was worrying about breaking his board today. ha ha.

The side-offshore wind was getting strong and i was getting too much spray on the camera so i came into film from land. while i was filming, more people showed up.

Alyssa Wooten! She was one of the original grom i took around everywhere. she's all grown up now.

Tracks locals, Elijah Gates and EJ Mitsui.

Scotty Quizon showed up with his son John... But while John was having fun surfing, Scotty was fixing John's other board. Sucks to be a father of a surfer kid. ha ha.

Kalani David showed up too. He's so tall now. i hate these kids keep getting taller. soon, they'll be all taller than me.

The guys finally came in after hours of surfing. when these guys get together, they are always doing something weird.

I'm still trying to figure out what they were pointing at... ha ha.

Derek, Kylen, Cole and I decided to check out Maili Point but before that, we stopped at McDonalds. yes, our favorite place. ha ha.

There were so many flies there, they had these traps set up everywhere. not so cool to see when you are about to eat.

hate to be this guy. one leg trapped on the trap. he was trying to escape the whole time we were eating. ha ha.

When we got to Maili Point, bunch of Japanese Jrs were there practicing for tomorrow's VQS.

Ryuta got vana (sea urchin) stuck in his hand. That thing was in his hand deep. welcome to Hawaii! Hope that thing's not too bad.

Little onshore wind by the time we got there but was still looking fun!

On our way home, there was this police car driving way too close to the car infront of him for good 15 minutes.
I hate when they think they can do whatever they want. if i were driving like him, i'd got a ticket! We should be able to pull over cops to give them tickets. that should even out the field.

I stopped by Best Buy to get ANOTHER external hard drive. I went through 2 terabyte one in 6 months. i got so many external hard drives now, soon i'm gonna need to rent a storage place just for them. ha ha.

well, as i was walking into Best Buy, this is what i saw.
I know in California, there are bunch of Mexican people hanging out at Home Depots to find jobs... I guess Asian people are now hanging out at Best Buys to find jobs here in Hawaii. ha ha.

VQS at Maili Point tomorrow. if the waves are anything like today, it will be a super fun event! see you there!