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Monday, May 31, 2010


Almost awards time at Surf into Summer!


Got some overhead sets rolling in at Bowls today! It's gonna be fun!

Monday schedule

Monday schedule

Monday schedule

No parking

The Magic Island parking lot is closed today. Good thing I came down
here super early!
The final day of Surf Into Summer!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

Crappy kewalos

Small, onshore, and crappy Kewalos today.

Congrats Leighna

Congrats Leighna Lariosa, the winner of the Sticky Bumps Prize Pack!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Surf Into Summer heat sheets! - Crazy Dayton Quizon - AT&T is crazy!

Got the Local Motion Surf Into Summer heat sheets up! click here to check when you are surfing!

I went for a session at Kewalos this evening and i heard a faint scream from somewhere... it's coming from this van!

Got closer to it and i saw Dayton Quizon locked in the van.

Wait, it's a van... Dayton, just walk over to the front door and open one of the door! he was in there for a good 15 minutes. ha ha.

you got a iphone or a smart phone? thinking of terminating the contract early to move over to other carrier?

Well, you better do it NOW!!

AT&T announced that they will start charging $325 for any early termination of iPhones and Smart phones starting June 1st! that's a huge increase from $150!!

After AT&T announced it, Verizon decided to do the same and will be charging $350 starting June 1st.

so like i said, if you are changing a cell service provider, DO IT NOW!!

had a nice chill day of work and surf. i better work now so i can be at the Surf Into Summer contest all weekend!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i press the brake and NOTHING... NO BRAKE!!

Wow, i had one crazy day yesterday, well... it all started Monday night.

i was editing the new video webisode of T&C Grom contest all night on Monday. (if you haven't check it out, click here for the video.) when i finished uploading the video, it was Tuesday morning already.

i was just about to go to sleep, Geoff Wong texted me asking when i'm leaving to Sunset Elementary for Mahina, Dax, Kylie, and other surfer kids' graduation. WHAT?? i thought it was in the night time!

so no sleep, drove to north shore. i'll post some photos from their graduation later!

after graduation, went to lunch with Mahina and her family and i left to head back to town. it was raining and saw a huge puddle so i tried to slow down...

i press my brake, NOTHING! i push on the brake harder... NOTHING! oh no, i had no brake!!

good thing i love cheap cars and dealt with all these things before. ha ha. i didn't even panic or anything. it was more like "oh great, better down shift, slow down and use the parking brake." so i go in the Ehukai beach park and check what's going on.

my passenger side front brake hose was busted and the brake fluid was gushing out. didn't want to deal with it in the rain so i drove back to Mahina's house with no brake. ha ha.

Mahina's mom took me to an auto parts store in Mililani and started fixing the brake.

good thing Mahina's dad had all the tools i needed.

i thought i was done, but when i checked closer i found out the threads on the connection from the old metal tubing was all messed up!

borrowed a car and back to Mililani. got the metal tubing and had not so fun time bending it to fit.

finally finished around 10pm! and that's 10pm with no sleep from the day before. thanks Mahina's dad for helping me. i wasn't about to drive home cuz i knew i'd fell sleep driving home. Spent the night at Mahina's guest house and drove back today.

thank you Maeda family for driving/lending their car to get parts, feeding me dinner, giving me place to fix the van and letting me pass out at their house. if i had to get the van towed, that would've costed me a fortune!!

now she's all better and happy! good thing i know how to fix cars cuz i bet if i took it in, it would've costed me like $300. instead, the whole fix costed me just little over $50.

i'm just glad i didn't have any kids with me when it all happened, i bet the kids would've been screaming and panicking going nuts when they find out there's no brake. ha ha.

what a crazy day i had.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Congrats to all the graduates from Sunset Elementary School!!

Novus Swell S2E20: T&C Grom Contest 2010 at Waikiki, Queens Beach

There was a T&C Grom Contest at Waikiki, Queens Beach this past weekend. It's a super fun event with amazing goodie bags for all the groms! The weather was perfect and the waves were fun size all weekend. I sat down with Girls 12-14 shortboard division winner Nicole Brueggemann to talk about the event. I bet there were some future world champions surfing the event! Enjoy the video!

Nice people at T&C surf gave me a prize pack to give away!! so watch the video and go to and enter to win.

Thank you T&C ( for another great event and a prize pack!

Sponsored by
Novus Swell supports "Not Even Once"

Monday, May 24, 2010

Thanks Brue family!

They just gave me their wetsuit tops. One girl's and one boy's so any
kids can use them if it's chilly out.
Thanks Brue family!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thanks T&C for a great weekend! - There are still time to enter to win some goodies!

Had a great weekend at Waikiki at T&C Grom Contest! All the competitors got goodie bags and got to surf super fun Queens. i have a feeling these kids will remember this event the rest of their lives.

I will be doing a video webisode of the event this Tuesday, so check back to watch the video. AND, people at T&C hooked me up with some goodies to give away on Novus Swell, so there's going to be another give away!

speaking of give aways, there are still time to enter to win Sticky Bumps prize pack (ends Monday 11:59pm Hawaii time) and Rusty Ecostretch Hybrid III trunk (ends next Monday 11:59pm Hawaii time). so go to Novus Swell and enter to win!

Thanks T&C and other sponsors of the event for having a great event!

I didn't get much sleep over the weekend so i better get some rest. Local Motion Surf Into Summer is next weekend! it's going to be another fun but no sleep weekend. ha ha.



At the contest.

T&C Grom contest

At the T&C grom contest with Nic and Tia.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Josh Moniz and Cassidy Kuakini were so cute! ha ha. - Who wants 0% juice lemonade?

Geoff Wong and I stopped by Jack in the Box for a quick dinner before we went home tonight and i saw a couple of interesting thing...

first, i saw the Honolulu Advertiser holder. Look who are in the photo!

Josh Moniz and Cassidy Kuakini! they look so little and cute. i had no idea they were part of Boys & Girls club... ha ha.

and i was getting my drink and saw this.
Since when it's good to advertise 0% juice?? so what is this thing made of? if i made lemonade and didn't use any lemon juice, i would not tell the world about it.

tomorrow is the final day at the T&C Grom contest at Waikiki and NSSA at Kewalos. I'll be at the T&C contest so i'll see you there!


Great day

Had a great day! T&C Grom contest at Waikiki and surfed at kewalos.

Friday, May 21, 2010


More practice for tomorrows NSSA contest.
Hunter, Loa and a freak giant. Ha ha.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everyone's here to practice! - Thank you BayVI!

Lot of kids are coming down to kewalos to practice for NSSA Hawaii's first event of the 2010-2011 season.

Mahina Maeda, Kylie Nagy, and Bailey Nagy who came down right after school from North Shore.

There were lot more kids from North Shore like Kona Oliveira and Dax and Finn McGill but didn't get any photos of them since i went surfing... sorry kids, i'll get you all next time!

After a session Kylie found a nice spot to check out people surfing.

you should've seen her climb that tree. she just ran up! ha ha.

i want to thank BayVI for sending me some sick new clothes and trunks! i got them today and BayVI's products are getting better and better every season.

Everything's so quality made. Thanks BayVI!


Kito's new fins setup - Another broken board for Zeke (Video) - Another FAIL for a low life!

Summer is coming! most of the kids are almost done with school and south shore's been having fun waves almost everyday.

Kaito Kino, Geoff Wong and I got to the beach and Geoff and I noticed something weird about Kaito's board...
Do you see? yeah, Kaito got right fin on right, another right fin on CENTER, and center fin on LEFT! I guess he was surfing like that yesterday too. he was surfing good tho. so i think this will be his new fin setup from now on! ha ha.

Ezekiel (Zeke) Lau hasn't been surfing much since he's been busy studying but today, he got to surf! well, only for a short time cuz he ended up breaking his board.

Here's a video of how it happened. Click here for the video!

Another board offered to the surf god. ha ha.

Speaking of Zeke, our bet is OFF! remember the bet Zeke and I had going for his grades? if he gets 3.2 GPA or better he gets my Civic and if he doesn't, i get $500!

well, i had to call it off. i was going to make sure the Civic is in good condition JUST IN CASE if Zeke gets 3.2 or better and this is what i saw!

Someone broke in and tried to steal the Civic! He/she took the whole ignition part off and tried to hot wire it or something. i wasn't driving it so i had my battery disconnected so my alarm wasn't on. I wasn't mad tho... i thought it was funny this low life couldn't even steal my car. ha ha.

To whomever tried to steal my Civic, LEARN how to steal cars if you are going to try! you must felt like crap attempting to steal my Civic and couldn't even do it. Just another FAIL in your life! ha ha.

I don't feel like spending money and time to fix it so the bet if OFF! man, i was looking forward to getting my $500!!! I guess i'll just try to sell the Civic as is for $500 so i get something out of it!

The waves should be fun in town again today, so i'll see you all at the beach!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Kylen broke his ankle and just had a surgery. Hope he recovers fast so
he can come to Cali with us to Nationals.

New Webisode, Rusty Ecostretch Hybrid III Boardshorts Review

People at Rusty ( sent me some sick Ecostretch Hybrid III Boardshorts for kids to review. So I got Kaito Kino, Jordan Brueggemann, and John Quizon to test them out!

Here are some key points on Rusty's Hybrid III trunks.
-Ecostretch: 4 way stretch, light weight and quick drying fabric.
-No Slip Drawcord: Silicone pieces welded in the drawcords to prevent them from coming untie.
-Cargo Pocket: A velcro cargo pocket with detachable wax comb/fin key/bottle opener.
-Lycra Fly: For added comfort and to prevent irritation.

Thank you Rusty for sending me the trunks!

Enjoy the video!

We are giving away a pair of brand new size 28 Rusty's Hybrid III trunks! Click here to enter to win!
Sponsored by
Novus Swell supports "Not Even Once"

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wow Bailey Nagy

Bailey Nagy is kicking butt in Cali! She got 3rd in Volcom VQS
($1,500) yesterday and WON the Pi Beta Phi Reef contest ($300) today!

Great job Bailey! Can't wait to see you back in Hawaii so you can
treat me to lunch. Ha ha.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good ideas and Bad ideas!

Good idea #1! Geoff Wong, Kaito Kino, Gen Asano and i stopped by Surftech Hawaii to visit my buddy Bobby today. We checked out what's new with Surftech.

Good idea #2! Trying out a board that's really different than what you normally ride. i stole a super fun looking board from Surftech! ha ha.
it's call the Wombat!

5'10" x 20" x 2.31" quad fins. i'm super glad i took this board from Surftech. it is so much fun to ride. it paddles super good so i had no problem paddle battling 30 kids, fast and solid but loose when i wanted to be.

Bad idea #1! Bobby at Surftech letting me take the Wombat. They are not getting this board back for a loooooong time! ha ha.

Bad idea #2! Having a SUPER sale EVERY weekend. A car lot on the corner of Kapiolani and Ward has been having this SUPER sale call "Slasher Sale" EVERY weekend for this past 4-5 weeks. are they kidding me? what's the point of going there if they are gonna have the same sale next week, week after, week after that...

i hope they fire whoever is in charge of Marketing there. not only people aren't thinking "wow, i need to buy a car today!", people are thinking "oh, i guess i'll stop by one of these days". and the worst part is, who's going to stop by and pay full prices for those cars now middle of the week if people can stop by any weekend and get the Slasher Sale prices. so stupid.

Good idea #3! Going surfing with your friends on a beautiful Saturday! not only the weather was amazing today, the waves were super fun. nothing better than enjoying a day with your friends doing what you love!

Matty Costa and Kaulana Apo (above) and bunch of other kids had the right idea. they were all there having a blast today!

Good idea #4! an ice cream truck to stop by at Kewalos on this hot day where tons of people are surfing and hanging out! they make some serious $$$ when they stop by.

Good idea #5! be the first to get the ice cream so you can enjoy the empty break while everyone is eating their ice cream! ha ha.

Keanu & Michael Ikalani and Devin Brueggemann came in from surfing as soon as they saw the ice cream truck! they were the first ones to eat and go back out to surf. very smart since the break was empty from EVERYONE coming in to get ice cream. ha ha.

Good or Bad idea??? Having a bottle opener on your truck's tool box.

yes, it seems like a great idea drinking with your buddies after a long day of work... but that's like telling the cops that you LOVE to drink and most likely you are driving drunk. ha ha.

the waves in town should be still fun tomorrow! i'll be at the beach all day "working". ha ha.
see you at the beach!