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Friday, August 29, 2008

Waves are Finally Here!

we finally got some waves!! it's been flat for a while but there are some waves now. so what did i do today? went shooting? hell no! i went surfing. hey, i need to surf some decent waves once in a while... i'll go shooting tomorrow.

i delivered the newest heavywater yesterday so go grab one at your favorite surf shop!

ha'a aikau on the cover photo by zak noyle. if you look closely you can see me floating in the back with my camera not even shooting. ha ha

this issue's awesome 'cuz tons of kids i see everyday are in it.
alyssa got the girls in the lineup section

matty (costa) and sister got ads
and bunch more other kids in contests sections. good job everyone!

oh yeah and sister got a sick 2 page spread roxy ad in the new surfer magazine so check that out too! great shots of sister, i wish i took them but i didn't... shiiiiit.

my friends from cali went to japan and visited my family in yokohama recently. there are so many cool places to go over there but where did my family take them? a surf shop with my photo of alyssa on the windows. hope my family took them cool places other then the surf shop... ha ha

my bro (aki), bro's boy (akihiro), michael and ryan

akihiro with alyssa duck diving in the back. ha ha

so i was thinking all the sitcoms are so crappy these days since "arrested development" got canceled. i was WRONG! you gotta check out "it's always sunny in philadelphia"!
it's on FX and it is the funniest show ever! i'm so hooked on this show. if you want to check it out, go to they got all the episodes online in super good quality. oh yeah, you gotta sign up to verify your age cuz it's rated MA (mature audience). it's free to sign up and i haven't got any junk email so don't worry about that.

well, time to check out my favorite show again (i've seen the shows over and over for at least three times already...) and go to sleep so can shoot in the morning!

Monday, August 25, 2008

BBQ at Kewalos for Carissa's Birthday!

bbq at kewalos for carissa's (moore) birthday this evening.

it was nice and mellow at first. jess, alyssa, sister, nahe, and seth enjoying food.

guys. cass, isaiah, buddy, micah, brandon, and barak.

girls. carissa, sister, alyssa and coco

and it got little crazy... guys getting josh with cup cakes.

and crazier... guys getting the girls.

even crazier... micah and josh grabbed a cooler full of ice water and got carissa.

carissa tried to attack back with a pot of corn but it backed fired!

you'd think they'd just shower right? wrong, the guys grabbed their boards and ran to the pier and jumped in the water and took off their trunks to surf naked.

girls grabbed the trunks and some of the younger kids put them on top of the statue.

waiting for the guys to come in, naked...

here they come! girls were nice enough to get the trunks for them but i had to take a photo of them naked first. ha ha

i guess buddy didn't throw his trunks hard enough to reach the pier when he jumped in the water so he lost his trunks. nothing to worry about, tony (moniz) hooked him up with a pair of hawaiian speedos made out of palm tree leaf. ha ha

i thought it was going to be a regular bbq but kindda got crazy really fast! just another day here in hawaii!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Duke's Oceanfest

saturday was finals for all the surf contests at duke's oceanfest. there were tons of people there!

among with all the finals, accessurf hawaii had a heat for physical challenged people. accessurf hawaii does some amazing things. they take people with disabilities out for surfing every month. check them out to find out more about them!

here's amy bronn catching a nice wave!

if you think surfing is hard, try tandem surfing! it's like acrobatic dancing on a board!

while i was there joy monahan stopped by to receive a brand new surfboard and a free round trip airfare for hawaii and la. i guess i wasn't the only one who thought the roxy final was on saturday. ha ha

team moniz, i mean, team billabong won the legends division!

team moniz. ha ha

candice appleby dominated the SUP divisions. she won both the pro and womens divisions. i told you, she kicks ass!!

ok, you gotta check this on out!

when i saw this kid blowing up his dolphin floaty thing i couldn't stop laughing!! why did the manufacture put the blowing plug there?? ha ha

Friday, August 22, 2008

Duke's Legends Surf Classic

today was legends division contest at the duke's oceanfest. yes, i actually remembered to show up. ha ha

each team had one surf legend and the rest were their riders and workers. everyone in the same team surfs for 20 minutes together and they get scored on 2 top waves each. they aren't surfing against each other but surfing together.

there's a 2nd rounds tomorrow so i don't know who won yet but here are some high lights!

team billabong was pretty much team moniz family! ha ha paul strauch was the legend and tony, isaiah, josh and seth moniz. i don't know why they didn't have tony as the legend so micha can surf too???

if you thought these kids just shortboards, think again! they are so good at longboarding too.

how cool it must've been for tony to compete with his kids as a team.

here's isaiah and tony sharing a wave.

isaiah making hang ten looks really easy.

josh hanging five

seth going for hang five barrel

as of the end of today i think team billabong is in the 1st place.

geoff was there to surf for team tropical blends. geoff worming up at baby queens and dana was there longboarding with him too.

dana taking a break

geoff being a d!ck and trying to spray water on me. just kidding, he's just want me to think he is camera shy. ha ha

candice appleby was there warming up too. she's riding for team tropical blends with geoff. she is an amazing SUPer (stand up paddleboarder). she competes against guys and always beating most if not all the guys!

she was using this new wood paddle. check out how sick this thing looks! if you want to check it out stop by tropical blends!!

geoff's turn to surf! i swam out there to shoot the whole heat but my battery on my camera died on me so i only got a few shots... man, i really need to start double checking EVERYTHING! ha ha

here's geoff!

as of end of today, team tropical blends is in 2nd place! man, tomorrow's gonna be fun! my friends teams are all going for the gold!! oh wait, i think i've been watching too much olympics... ha ha i don't know what they get for 1st place but i know none of them want to lose!

so what does sister (kelia moniz) do when she has no board to surf and not in the contest? grab whatever she can borrow and have fun in the water! she came out with a kayak today. first she was using it like a SUP but it wasn't working out so well.

finally sister figured out how to use a kayak.

i'm off to waikiki again tomorrow! i think... let me double check. ha ha

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ooops, I Missed the Roxy Jam Contest!

oh shit, i missed the roxy jam!! i was told all the finals are going to be on the weekend so i was just having another great day surfing and hanging out. later in the evening i found out the roxy jam in waikiki concluded today.... shiiiiit. good thing bernie baker (editor and photog for heavywater. well, and thousands of other stuff he does.) was there to take some shots for heavywater. thanks bernie!!

so here are couple of shots from bernie.

here's the winner, joy monahan. she grew up here in hawaii but now married and lives in utah. yes, utah. i don't know how she does it. she can't surf for months yet still rips! she was just crowned world champion in france last month too!

2nd place, sister (kelia moniz)!! so proud of her. she shortboards all the time now but still got amazing skills on her longboard. check out the check joy's holding, that's a photo of sister doing her signature one foot nose ride too!

oh yeah and if you get a chance to check out the new surfer mag, sister got a 2page spread roxy ad in there too. she's everywhere!! ha ha

so while everyone was working i was just cruzing and surfing all day... man, i need to start double checking stuff.

sister came over to kewalos after the contest so i told her to grab her board so i can take a picture of her and pretend like it was taken at the contest. i guess i should've thought of that before the surf session 'cuz it was already dark by the time i took this shot... ha ha

apo family was at kewalos too. a great family! they are always bringing the kids to kewalos even during the week. that's why kaulana's (boy in the middle) surfing so well lately! nahe (girl in the back) has been entering some contests now too. everyone better watch out 'cuz she's gonna be a ripper in a few years!

lucky (formerly known as bill) is back! the little piggy seth and shun saved a while ago if super healthy and doing very well. another family took him for a while but i guess it wasn't working out very well so moniz's got him back. he's becoming like a kewalos mascot these days. i hope they get to keep him for good now.

just don't ask... i have no idea why derek had the mask in his car... ha ha

well, so i messed up today but i sure had fun surfing all day! i better double check my schedule for tomorrow. ha ha

oh and one last thing. the august issue of heavywater's up on the site so check it out! alyssa wooten got a little profile on "girls in the lineup" section!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Star Packed Kewalos

today was a relaxing day. i went to surf rockpiles with dana (tortuga) and went over to kewalos to see how it is. everyone was over at kewalos.

megan abubo and jun jo just finished surfing and hanging out waiting for coco ho to come in. megan's ranked 6th in the world right now and she won triple crown last year. jun's a pro surfer and a co-founder of in4mation. look, he got the watch, in4mation G-shock, i try to bet cody! that thing's so rare cuz they only made something like 300 of them.

here comes coco! don't let her cute smile fool you, she rips at surfing. i've seen her surf at sunset when the waves were 4 times her height.

barack mohre and micha moniz showed up too when i was talking to coco. barack just came back from bali. he was telling me how he scored some nice waves over there.

there was a guy who was all wasted talking nonsense and rapping with the kids. later on he got all crazy and try to slap brandon kuakini. wrong move! one of the guys at the beach stepped in and beat the crap out of him. it's nice to know how everyone's looking after all the kids at the beach.

matty costa, wasted guy, and brandon kuakini before the guy got all bloody. ha ha

i was going to surf but i saw 10 kids paddle out so i just decided to shoot. i knew i wasn't going to get any waves with that many kids out!

when i was getting my camera ready i saw a nice rainbow so i snapped a shot really quick. i love hawaii!

matty doing a crazy layback cutback. can't believe he stayed on his board after this!

cassidy kuakini's surfing really solid these days. it's amazing how these kids improve so much in just one summer.

derek wong doing his thing! i haven't shot him in a while but we still connect really well. it's almost like i know what he's gonna do.

dana paddled out after work. she still got a broken finger but surfing every day! poor dana... her fingers all taped up but still smiling tho!