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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wooten's jewelry sale at Tropical Blends

New Webisode! Halloween Costume Surfing!

I just uploaded our Halloween special webisode! This Friday (10-30-09) was another furlough day for kids. That means no school!!
The weather was perfect and waves were huge in North Shore but we knew exactly where to got for a fun session. So I gathered some geoms and went for a Halloween Costume Surfing!

I guess it's hard to surf with costumes on... after a while the kids were losing their costume left and right. but we had a great time playing in the ocean! Enjoy!

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Costume Surfing!

Today as another furlough day for kids. that means no school! So i gather some kids and went for a Halloween Costume surfing. I guess it's hard to surf with costumes on, after a while kids were losing their costume left and right. ha ha

I took video too so i'm working on a webisode right now. it'll be up on tomorrow morning!

Kylie Nagy

Bailey Nagy

Seth Moniz

Josh Moniz and Finn McGill

Dax McGill

Mahina Maeda

Fun, fun, fun!!

another great day here in Hawaii!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


It's always fun when you get stuff from sponsors!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Just got a message from EJ (Mitsui) and he told me that the Blue Hawaii thing is on the 6th of November. and actually that's what it says on the flyer... sorry.

thanks EJ for letting me know, if it wasn't for you, i'd be sitting there in the dark all by myself everyone to show up on the 30th. ha ha.

Also, i got a call from Blood Bank of Hawaii that they have to cancel the blood drive at Hawaiian South Shore! man, my Halloween plan is just falling a part!

Alyssa's jewelry sale is still on tho! I'll be stopping by there for sure! so i'll see everyone at Tropical Blends!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's gonna be a busy Halloween!

There are no contest this weekend. Yeay!! but there are many other events going on that i should be mentioning.

First, evening of the 30th (Friday), Blue Hawaii is hosting "Fly This..."
featuring the art from everyone's favorite surfer girl (yes, girl, cuz she's just a big kid!), Jeanie Chesser and Mr. "waves are super fun" (cuz even when it's onshore, knee high, and worst condition, he's out there telling everyone it's super fun), Makana Ciotti.
and Lost at Sea will be playing all night there too!

and on 31st (Saturday), Hawaiian South Shore will be having their annual blood drive!
So kids, if you want to see your parents get poked by a needle sign them up! oh and tell them it's the fastest way to lose weight. ha ha.

all joking a side, what Hawaiian South Shore is doing is awesome. I've heard one donation from a person can save something like 3 people's lives. i went last year and it wasn't bad at all and i was the easiest way to save lives. I didn't even have to do anything and i was saving lives!

I signed up again this year. I made an appointment at 11:30am so i'll see you there! i think they can take walk-in people too stop by!

oh, i just noticed there's no contact info on their flyer...

Here's Hawaiian South Shore's contact info so hit them up!

After I lose some weight and save lives, i'm gonna head over to Tropical Blends. My friend Alyssa Wooten and her friend are having a Jewelry Sale!
Alyssa has been making jewelry for a while and she's been making some amazing ones. so come check them out!

So after your parents are little dizzy with less blood, take them to Tropical Blends and make them buy you some nice handmade jewelry by Alyssa and her friend! tell your parents that you were not feeling good from looking at all the blood and this will make you feel better! ha ha.

After my visit to Hawaiian South Shore and Tropical Blends, i'm going to head up to North Shore! I've heard there's gonna be nice size waves coming this weekend! I was told i shouldn't be in the water shooting after giving blood so i'll be on the beach so if you see me stop by and say "hi"!

AND after shooting, i'm going over to Mahina's (Maeda) house and check out the Trick or Treaters while hanging out with her dad.

it's gonna be a great Halloween this year!!

What are those balloon thingies??

I got some emails from people who saw the Haleiwa Manehune Part 2 contest webisode asking me "What are those balloon things kids throw at the camera in the beginning?"

if you have no idea what i'm talking about, here they are.
and if you want to check out the video, go HERE!

They are water balloons filled with mostly air and little bit of water and tied to rubber bands. They are like water balloon yo-yos. In Japan, these are sold at festivals (matsuri) to keep kids entertained so they don't beg you to buy them everything they see. ha ha.

They are way easier than real yo-yos to play with and won't hurt anyone when you hit people with them.

Aunty Kayo made bunch of them and giving them out to the kids on the last day of the contest. All the kids were so stoked, they were playing with them all day.

I got my camera out and sure enough kids were just trowing the water balloons right at the camera!

Ready... Set...
So if you want cheap and fun toys for any parties, make bunch of these things!

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Webisode, 33rd Annual Haleiwa Menehune Contest Part 2!

I've just uploaded the new webisode. the 33rd Annual Haleiwa Menehune Contest ended just today so here's the Part 2 of the contest! Another great weekend full of groms surfing some fun waves! Now it over, I can't wait for the next one next year! Enjoy!

I'll post the results on as soon as i get the press release.
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Off the Wall shore break session!

I went to the Haleiwa Menehune Contest today thinking it's going to be the last day but it wasn't... Tomorrow is the last day, so i'll post a webisode tomorrow night or Monday morning!

After the contest, i went to Off the Wall to see how the waves are. well, the waves were small but there were bunch of groms out having fun on the shore breaks, so i grabbed my camera for a quick fun session with them!

Kelly Graf (front) and Cayla Moore (back) all smiles!
There were some nice wave to body surf!
Kaulana Apo styling even when he's bodysurfing! oh and that's Seth Moniz in the back about to get pounded!

Dax McGill showing us how Power Balance wristband works for bodysurfing too!

Yeah, Kelly! what was she looking at?? ha ha. maybe her mom was waving at her from the beach.

I don't know where Seth found this bodyboard... That thing was in pieces after this session.

Cayla! She's always smiling... Even when she knows right after this shot she is going to get a gallon of water up her nose. ha ha.

The best sequence of the day goes to... Jenna Forti! She got POUNDED on this one!
Jenna is set to go for this one!
Yep, she's committed!
Bye bye! ha ha.
In case you didn't noticed, if you look in the back Seth's getting a barrel and Josh Moniz is about to get barreled too! BUT Jenna stole the show on this one! ha ha.

Like i said before, it's always more fun with friends!
Josh, Kelly, Cayla, Seth and Dax. Party wave!
yeah, Josh!

Josh wanted to go surf backdoor after a while so we walked over there and went for a short session. There were some nice waves coming in every 10-15 minutes.

I was impressed Josh pulling in barrels there. there were only like foot deep of water and hard reef on the bottom.
Another great day here in Hawaii!