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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ska luau

Ska luau at house of blues Anaheim. I did my part firing some pyrotechnics. (which they put me in charge of) Now I can relax and enjoy the show!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Da Hui Backdoor Shootout

I have a feeling this years Da Hui Backdoor Shootout is going to be good again!!!

HIO update

HIO update. No Contest Tomorrow (12/30). Contest will be ON for Sunday Jan. 2, 2011. check for updates on Jan. 1, 2011.

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell

HIO update

HIO Contest is ON for 12/30

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

HIO update

HIOhawaii: Men's Shortboard and Japan Men's are on for 12/29 (Wednesday)

Good luck everyone!!

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell

HIO scoring some good waves! - NY idiots (video) - bad weather? go race!

So i am here in Northern California spending time with my family, but keep getting texts and images of HIO that's going on right now in Hawaii.

i've heard Haleiwa is perfect condition.
We all know Seth Moniz is a master barrel rider already and according to HIO website (where i grabbed the photo from. thanks!), he was in this barrel all the way from the beginning to the end! Good job Seth!

I knew there will be some unreal waves while i'm gone... seems like the waves get really good when i'm not there. so if you ever want to surf good waves, buy me tickets to somewhere nice to i'll leave for my vacations. ha ha.

i also heard the weather hasn't been the greatest in Hawaii. hey, at least you don't have to be dealing with snow and stupid people like this video from New York!

warning: there are some bad words used in this video so if you don't want to hear them, turn the volume down!

oh and if you don't feel like surfing in the rain or dirty water, you gotta go checkout Podium Raceway Hawaii! They worked their butts off so they can open early to keep everyone stoked. so they are open NOW!

i'm telling you, these karts are so much fun so grab your friends and enemies and go race against them!

I want to thank everyone in Hawaii for keeping me updated on what's going on with the groms over there while i'm gone. Thanks everyone!

Novus Swell

Monday, December 27, 2010

S2W49: Podium Raceway Hawaii Friends and Family Day

I've been wondering why there's no Go-Kart racing places here in Hawaii and now, IT"S HERE! I stopped by Podium Raceway by Barber's Point during it's pre-opening Friends and Family day and this place is so much fun!

It's owned by several surfer families so there were some surfer kids trying out Hawaii's new go-karts, racing each others. This is going to be a cool hangout for everyone and now we have something really fun to do when there are no waves!

it will open on Jan. 1st, 2011. For more info, go to

Enjoy the video!

Thanks Podium Raceway for inviting me! I tried a couple of races and i think i am hooked. i want to go back everyday.

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HIO update

Contest is ON tomorrow. Boys SB, Women's SB & LB!!

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell

Kai and Tanner!!

Great job Kai Bager and Tanner Hendrickson for helping the shark attack victim!

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell

Sunday, December 26, 2010

HIO update

No HIO tomorrow, the 27th.

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell

It's cold!

Went for a little hike but it's freezing here! It nice tho.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Last few hours to enter to win FITTED "Support Local Surfing" Hat!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a great day. Remember, you still got a few more hours left to enter to win FITTED Hawaii's "Support Local Surfing" hat from Novus Swell.
You shouldn't miss out on this one for sure. it is siiiiick!
so go to and enter!

I know ive been little lagging on updating but i've been busy hanging out with my family in Northern California.

have a great rest of the holidays!

Novus Swell

Thursday, December 23, 2010

HIO update

No HIO on 12/24 & 25.

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell

HSA update

HSA update. NO contest at Makaha this Thursday. your entry fees will be use for Maili Point event.

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


No HIO tomorrow.

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell


Can someone tell me why I'm leaving this place with perfect weather to be in cold northern California?

It's on!

Zak Noyle himself helping customers with his hat.


At Fitted to check out the release of "Support Local Surfing" hat.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

FITTED Hawaii is releasing "Support Local Surfing" hat tomorrow!

No more teasers! FITTED is releasing "Support Local Surfing" hat tomorrow!

Better go there early to get yours cuz i think this one will sell out fast!

but for some reason you don't get it, Novus Swell is giving one away!
So go to and enter!


S2W48: Red Bull Surf Team at Up and Riding

Winter season is a great time for groms to meet and talk with some of the top pros in the surfing industry. Up & Riding in Kahala Mall hosted Red Bull Surf Team for meet and greet / autograph signing session earlier this month. The Red Bull team riders were so nice to the kids, i bet the pros made lifetime fans.

On top of meeting with the Red Bull surf team, Up & Riding gave away 2 surfboards! there were many stoked kids that day.

thank you Red Bull surf team and Up & Riding for getting together and stoking out the kids!
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Tia Blanco!

Tia Blanco is back!! Her family's here for Xmas.

I went over to Brueggemann's house for a dinner so I get to see Tia and her family before I leave to spend time with my family in Cali.

Monday, December 20, 2010


No HIO tomorrow, Tuesday.

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell

Sunday, December 19, 2010

HSA cancelled

HSA Makaha is cancelled today due to weather and lack of waves.

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell

Xmas party at Kino's house - Podium Raceway Hawaii Go-kart Racing!!

I went over to Kaito Kino's house for a xmas dinner a couple of nights ago. there were lot of people for a "dinner", it was more like a party.

bunch of great people, food, laughs, and even humiliation making fun of Kaito watching some Novus Swell webisodes with everyone. ha ha.

thanks Kino family for having me there! i stole this photo from Genki's (Kaito's brother) blog. thanks Genki.

Tonight i went to Podium Raceway Hawaii for it's family and friends soft opening event. It's own by some of the surfer kids so many grom surfers were there having fun.

Indie Pyzel and Megan McHale. they put the wide angle lens from my camcorder on an iPhone and making their own fisheye iPhone camera. ha ha

Check this place out! if you've been to K1 raceway in Cali, Podium is just like it. here's a 360 view. (click to enlarge the image)

these cars are pretty fast! I raced a couple of times and it is addicting. i want to go back and race NOW!!
They are opening on Jan. 1st, 2011 so perfect place to go have fun at night or during the day when waves are flat.

you can check them out at well, the site is still under construction but i know it will be up shortly.

Novus Swell

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Podium raceway Hawaii

At Podium raceway Hawaii for it's family and friends soft opening. This place is sick!

HSA moved to tomorrow.

HSA is cancelled today due to flat condition. They are going to have it tomorrow.

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell

Friday, December 17, 2010


Can't believe how good the waves got this evening!

Alyssa Wooten's Jewelries Sale in Japan!

This on is for all of my Japanese viewers or people who are in Japan.

One of my 1st generation groms (that sounds kindda funny. maybe i should call them Groms 1.0. ha ha), Alyssa Wooten, is all grown up and got her own jewelry business. she sells her handmade jewelries using shells and other cool stuff you can only get in Hawaii.

here's Alyssa in case you forgot who she is. ha ha.

Her jewelries are in Japan for this holiday season! they are must get items for all the girls out there.

they are at Takashimaya on the 2nd floor at city of Tachikawa. They are having a holiday sale between Dec. 15th to 20th. so go check them out!

僕が昔よくサーフィングに連れて行ってた子供、Alyssa Wootenはもう大人になって手作りのジュエリービジネスをやていて日本で今セールをやってるよ! Alyssaはハワイでしか見つけられない貝などを使ってジュエリー作ってるからとてもユニークでかわいい物ばっかだから絶対見に行ってね。 



Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shaun from Zionic Hawaii - Zeke's back! - kids think music i listen to is just noise!

I met up with Shaun from Zionic Hawaii today. super casual meeting at Kewalos. If you don't know what Zionic Hawaii is, they got sick wristband watches in tons of different colors. check them out at

i love how they are supporting Hawaii's grom surfers. well, Tia in Cali too but we are getting her back in few years so she's part of Hawaii groms. ha ha.

look who showed up to surf today... Zeke. he's been hiding away from us studying for his finals so haven't seen him in like 2 weeks!

when i pick up kids and if i'm listening to my kind of music, they just tell me that they hate these crappy noise music. Noise?!?! i think kids will feel differently about the "noise" if they really listen to them... but oh well, they are just kids. they want to listen to what everyone's listening to, i guess.

Operation Ivy and Descendents. Couple of the bands i was listening to these few days when i picked up some kids to the beach.

i remember i was blown away when my friends introduced me to these bands when i was young. (right about the same age as kids i pick up to go surf today) i felt the raw power, energy, pain, frustrations, etc. things they were singing about were stuff i was feeling. it was nice to hear that other people were thinking the same thing i was thinking. i was hooked.

i guess that's why i don't really care for lot of the popular music these days. yeah, some of them got great beats but i can't relate to them at all... i don't have 6 expensive cars all riding on huge rims, i don't have sluty girls dancing half naked around me, i don't go out and drink Patron and Grey Goose every night, etc. i basically have nothing in common with today's popular music. just makes me wonder why people like them so much... i guess it's the power of marketing by huge corporations.

well, enjoy some great "noise". ha ha
Lyrics to this song is in the video description if you have hard time understanding. ha ha.

here's the lyrics for this song.


HSA update

HSA Update. The whole event will be on Saturday at Makaha. This one will be one day event.

See you there!

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell


Jenna studying Japanese for her final tomorrow while I'm filming.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Run this guy over! - Billabong Pipe Masters in Japanese - Sunset photo shoot - FITTED hat teaser

When i was driving home, there's a green VW Jetta driving super slow and all over the road. I thought it was someone on drugs or drunk. when we stopped at a light, i found out what was going on.
he's on his phone and not paying attention to the road AT ALL! i know everyone does this still, including myself, BUT if you can't drive while you are on the phone, DON'T DO IT! Like i said, this guy was all over the places. Please be safe out there everyone. and if you see this guy, just run him over! ha ha.

i was watching the Billabong Pipe Masters online today and decided to watch it in Japanese since i knew my friends Nick Mita and Teppei Tajima were the commentators.

it was so funny when Kelly Slater showed up. i could tell they were little nervous talking to Kelly.
See Teppei in the middle (back)? he was pretty much standing there like that, frozen, the whole time Kelly was there. ha ha.

Super cool interview tho. Nick got Kelly talking about secrets of how to surf Backdoor and Pipe. now i feel like i can surf those spots! well... no. i know i'll die out there. ha ha.

I went to surf town in the evening time and i could sense it was going to get better. don't ask me how but just felt it. ha ha.

so i grabbed my still camera and decided to shoot with flash.

look at this, such an awesome sunset!

Cole Yamakawa: remember how he had that nasty burn on his hand? he's still protecting it with a glove. surfing with one glove... Michael Jackson status! ha ha.

Kaito Kino: i like shooting Kaito. we connect pretty well. actually, he adjust his surfing for me a little so we can connect. this shot below, it was the worst section for him to turn but somehow he did a throw tail for me.

Gen Asano: He surprised me! I didn't see him for like 2 weeks and now he's ripping. i gave him a couple of pointers so you all better watch out for Gen!

Josh Moniz: We all know he surfs unreal but it's hard to get photos of him in the water because he'll paddle away to another break when someone starts shooting. yes, he is still shy. ha ha
i'm glad my prediction of the waves gonna get better was right because when i swam out, the waves were really bad. i was so bored... i did lot of floating doing nothing till dark and waves got better. ha ha.

here's another teaser of FITTED hat for you guys. it's been really hard protecting MY hat from getting stolen by people. they see me wearing it and all they do is try to snag it from me and run away. ha ha.
Don't worry, the hat i have for giveaway is safe in a box at my place.

just another great day at the paradise!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another teaser

Had another great day! Here's another teaser for the giveaway. Recognize the signature?

S2W47: Christmas Surfing 2010

It's almost Christmas, 12 more day to be exact. so I got some kids together for Novus Swell Christmas Surfing session at Haleiwa. Unlike last year, the weather was perfect and had some fun size waves!

Enjoy the video!

Thank you all the kids how showed up!

I also want to thank everyone for watching and supporting Novus Swell.

Today is the last day for your chance to win Posters signed by pro surfers.

Go to Novus Swell and enter before it's too late.

Mele Kalikimaka!
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Teaser #3

Here's another teaser of FITTED hat giveaway coming up really soon!

Fun session

Sister, Kelia Moniz, brought her beast with her to the beach today. Nala was destroying that little tiny straw. Haha

Mike and Matty. There are here filming the Moniz family for a documentary. Matty got to experience the shallow reef at Renicks today. He got a nice cut on his toe as a free souvenir. ha ha.


A quick stop at Hawaiian South Shore to borrow a set of fins. Thanks guys!

푸딩 카메라로 부터.

아이폰 푸딩 카메라로 찍은 사진을 보냅니다
They always forget the honey mustard.. Quick snack then going for a surf, it's a beautiful day, hope yours is wonderful ! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sample sale

Stopped by a sample sale at Ranbow in. I think there's another on at halawa next week. These things are sweet, lots of great deals!