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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Early morning session!

Last night i discovered they got all kinds of movies and tv shows online and the quality of them are top notch. i ended up staying up til 5am watching some shows... shiiiiit.

so after a few hours of sleep Geoff and Dana called me at 7am to go surf at Kewalos. the surf wasn't as big as i thought they were going to be but still fun!

i didn't take any photos today but here are some photos of them.

a cute couple.

Geoff rips on both shortboards and longboards. he does contests in japan as well as here in hawaii so all of you people who live in japan, go check him out! i think he's going to be there this september for a contest.

Dana's been surfing really well, i better watch out 'cuz she's already making me look bad out in the water... i better practice!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Great people!

Yesterday i went to a BBQ at J-cut's place. we started around 6pm thinking it's gonna be a mellow evening but ended up being a drunken night with the guys. it was nonstop drinking til 130am...

today i woke up at 6am and went to BUI contest/bbq. a friendly contest with bunch of cool guys with some good food. i was hangover and super tired... i shouldn't have had so many beers last night. ha ha

here's non-qualified judges judging the contest.

great people, great food, and great surf. Kaito dominated the contest!
just another day here in paradise!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good thing Daniel rips!

i had to go to Kailua today to take pictures of 808 Skate Shop. i was driving on Pali going about 45mph and this is what i saw. how the f@ck am i suppose read and understand all these signs while passing them going 45mph??

after Kailua i came back to town and went shooting at Bowls again with Daniel Jones this time using my wide angle lens. the condition was great and the sky was super blue but the waves were smaller today.

Daniel's super easy to shoot 'cuz he looks for me and comes right at me. good thing he rips 'cuz i was about 3 feet away from his board when i got this shot. i knew he was in control the whole time. check out the next frame. his board was less than a foot away from me. little too close for comfort. like i said, good thing he rips. ha ha

sky was super blue and had some crazy looking clouds today. everyday i feel super lucky to live here in Hawaii.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We Got Waves!

Woke up this morning and my phone was ringing non stop. people were calling me to tell me there are waves in town.

i got ready and i was ready to leave my house, that's when i remembered my battery's dead in my car... so instead of heading to the beach i had to take the battery out of my car and headed to a checker auto parts store in my moped. they check the battery and sure enough it's not holding any charge.

why are battery so EXPENSIVE?? it costed me $80! had no choice so i paid for the battery, went home and installed it in my car. YES! now my car's running like a champ! well, i really need new tires... that's more $$$ i need to spend. shiiiiiiit...

ok back to the surf. i got to the beach and the waves were going off! nothing huge but great condition and perfect swell direction at Bowls. as soon as i hit the water some clouds came and cover the sun :( for good 30 minutes. so i wasn't getting any great shots but after 30 minutes, it was all sunny and awesome weather!

people were ripping and having the time of their lives. got some good shots! check them out on my site.

i found myself a new favorite reality show!

i was going to shoot today but the swell hasn't really shown up yet. i hope it shows up tomorrow. it all kindda worked out because Heavywater ended up having a lunch meeting. i love lunch meetings cuz it usually means FREE food! ha ha (1st photo) here's reid (right), the bossman, and jason (left), sales guy. reid's a cool guy. he always got about 10 things going on yet still finds some water time for himself. i don't know how he does it. jason is the man! he does the media sales for the mag and since it's a mag to the public he's the one bringing in the $$. so bottom line is no jason, no pay... glad he's doing a good job, otherwise i'll have to go get me a "real" job.

i had my tv on while i was working on my computer tonight and i think i found myself a new favorite reality show! it's called "i survived a japanese game show" on abc. we all know how japanese people got some crazy funny game shows. well, they got 10 people from united states compete in a japanese game show. it is the funniest thing. you should check it out!

Monday, June 23, 2008

I don't know how some people do it...

I had a crappy first half of the day. i woke up and started working on heavywater magazine web site even before my coffee was ready. i had to figure out where and how we can put ads on the page. i've already had a great idea and ad placements but some people wanted different ways. i basically had to redo the whole layout to make it work. change one thing and call, change another thing and call, change more things and call again... you get the picture. i finally got what they were looking for after 6 hours. the worst part is i really think the one i had first was way better...

so after starring at the computer screen for 6 hours straight i headed down to the beach. by the time i left my house the traffic was crazy since people were getting off of work already. after fighting the traffic for 30 minutes i finally got to the beach. (it usually only takes less than 10 minutes) i was ready to kill someone at this point from just being frustrated.

little waves but the condition was awesome and it wasn't crowded at all! just being there at the beach made me in way better mood. caught my fist wave and i was in heaven! it's amazing how being the water changes my mood like that. i surfed with my friends for hours not even thinking about my earlier crappy day.

it got kindda cold so came in and took a picture with my camera phone. right after the sun sets the sky on the east side turns into crazy colors. amazing thing is, it's like this everyday! so lucky to live here in hawaii!

i don't know how some people work all day in an office. it was driving me nuts stuck being inside for 1 day. people do this 5 days a week... they are crazy!

btw, i've been taking photos with my phone for this blog because i don't bring my equipments to the beach when i surf. i don't want to leave them in my car just in case my car gets broken into. the camera phone i got from MOBI's sick. i love it! thanks MOBI! check them out, unlimited talk, text, web, etc. for cheap and NO CONTRACT.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another great day

Another great day today. i woke up early and took care of some paper work stuff i hate to do. things were piling up so it was about time i took care of them before i get too over whelmed.

i hit the beach after a morning of doing things i don't like to reward myself. the waves got lot smaller but still fun! there were about 20 people out at my spot when i got there but everyone went in at the same time leaving just 3 people at the break. i was super stoked!

after a few hours of surfing i was tired and hungry so it was time to go in. when i got to the parking lot kevin was cooking up some grinds! (1st photo) some BBQ beef and chili and rice!! i got my chair out and just cruised with my friends (2nd photo) while enjoying some ono food.

(3rd photo) this is He'eNalu. he's one of the kids who hangout and surf with me at the beach. don't let his haole looks fool you, he got some hawaiian in him and he speaks hawaiian too. i've been surfing with him for about 3 years now and he's surfing's looking solid these days. i made a mistake of telling him that he can drop in on me when i first met him and now he drops in on me all the time even after 3 years... ha ha he's always stoked to be surfing (no matter the size or condition of the waves) and makes me realize why i love the sport so much. it's all about just being out there in the ocean and having fun!

Steinlager Shaka Longboard Series

Another beautiful day! There was a contest, Steinlager Shaka Longboard Series, today at Queens at Waikiki. The waves looked really crappy when I first got there but picked up during the day. It was so nice be in the water and taking pictures. Guys were ripping out there today.

There were so many tourists in Waikiki and I was just so amazed how they were just laying on the beach ALL DAY. They were all red and burnt using tanning oil and not sunblock. I wonder if they know that tanning oil doesn't protect you from the sun...

I use the best sunblock when I go surf or shoot. It's Shiseido Anessa Gold. This sunblock won't sting your eyes and won't come off until you use a facial wash. Shiseido only sell them in Japan but if you get a chance you should check it out. It's kindda expensive but i think it's worth saving your skin for sure.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Who's calling my name??

so i got to the beach today and was checking out the waves and i kept hearing someone calling my name. i kept looking everywhere but no one was around. i finally looked up on a tree and this what i saw. my buddy makana just cruzing on a tree with his camo shorts and a green shirt. if he had a gun and wanted to shoot me, he could've done it easy since i had no idea where he was. ha ha

the waves got so much smaller today. i was going to shoot but too small to shoot... you know what tho? i got to surf all day!! i got to surf for almost 6 hours. i'm super stoked!

there's a contest at waikiki tomorrow so i gotta go shoot that. it'll be nice to be in the water to shoot. i haven't done that in a couple of days. gotta work to pay my bills!!

oh yeah and i got a 2 page spread (the 1st photo) on the new Heavywater mag (June) of Alessa Quizon among with other shots. Alessa is a 14 year old super cute, humble and nice girl from the west side of oahu and she RIPS!!! if i could surf as half as well as she does, i'll be super stoked... that's why when i see her paddle out i just paddle in 'cuz she makes me look like a kook out there. ha ha

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I love Hawaii

I was gonna wake up early and check out the waves today but ended up waking up kindda late... by the time i was done emailing people back and getting some photos ready for MOBI pcs i had to go meet up with people at MOBI.

MOBI finally got us (the surf team) stickers!! we've been waiting for them for 2 months. too bad all the riders are in Cali right now for NSSA Nationals.

I also got to surf in the evening time today. the tide was high but waves were actually really fun! it's rare i get to surf fun waves 'cuz when surf's good, i'm out there shooting.

the photo wasn't taken today but this is what i get to see everyday. addition to a nice looking sunset, there was a huge rainbow today while i was surfing. i love Hawaii!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One Looooooong Ass Day

I had to deliver the mags (Heavywater Magazine) today. yes, this was my way into the surf industry and i am still delivering every month... shiiiiit. it's a 12 hour day of driving all over the island and dropping off boxes of mags at different surf shops.

the 1st photo was taken on the H3 freeway while driving. (sorry about the crappy photos... i didn't have my camera today so i just used my camera phone.) i need to use this freeway more often. the view is just so incredible when you come out of a long ass tunnel. i was told it was the most expensive freeway built in the States because it is super high off the ground, got a long ass tunnel and was built with environment protection in mind.

after i finished delivering, i met up with Jess for a dinner. after the dinner we stopped by a Mac Store and i did my shameless self promotion by leaving my site and heavywater site opened on their laptops. ha ha (2nd photo)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chill day, Finally!

I had a super chill day today. I woke up late and went to the beach to check out the waves around 11. had some size but condition wasn't so great specially for shooting so i just came home and took care of stuff i've been meaning to do. i finally got to do my laundry! super stoked on that.

i was bored while doing my laundry so i googled myself and look what i found! a photo from our Surf Into Summer party (Photo by Lisa Mita) in MidWeek (print and web)! ha ha

you like my shirt? It's BayVI! these guys' stuff are sick! check them out at

Alyssa in Japan

So Alyssa was in Japan recently for RLM people and this is what she saw. A surf shop, T-Stick in Shounan had a huge poster of her using a photo I took. Thanks Alyssa, RLM and T-Stick!!

photos taken from

while i'm on Japan topic, check out Blow's website too. they are using my photo of Nick Mita as the main photo.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Here's my 1st post

ok, i've been busy and not hanging out with my friends too much so i figure i'll start a blog so they can see what's going on in my life. i'm gonna TRY to post something everyday. i guess we'll see what happens.