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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'd been yelling out how amazing I AM!

It's amazing how kids get better at surfing so fast. I was at Kewalos today and here's the grom who impressed me the most today.

Vincent Starn! He took off on a set wave (must've been double overhead for him) and went straight up for a sick snap and another and another! I was so stoked for him! Vincent is super humble tho, when i went up to him to tell him how sick his ride was, he just smiled and said "thank you". if that was me, i'd been yelling out how amazing i am!! ha ha.

40th Annual Haleiwa International Open (the longest running amateur contest in the WORLD) got the entry form out on the site now! go to!

Don't just print the above image, i think it's too small so make sure you go to their site and print one from the official site!

This year, the event will run from Dec. 21st to Jan. 4th. Join their Facebook or check out Jason Shibata (Bats) blog for updates!

I saw this bumper sticker today while i was driving and i thought it was so funny.

"Jerry's DEAD, Phish SUCKS, GET A JOB!"
you know who you are! so go get a job!! ha ha.

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