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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fun waves in town and Dinner for Mahina Maeda

Middle of November and the waves in town was going off today! There were some overhead sets coming in and clean water! I finished work and went to Kewalos for a session today and i'm so glad i did. not many people out and fun waves!

After the surf session, i went to dinner for Mahina's recent sponsorships from Rusty and Ronin Eyewear and making the Hawaii World team as an alternate.
Mahina's family, Sayuri Hashimoto (Japan Pro surfer), Takumi Yasui (Japan grom ripper and Ronin Eyewear team rider), Jason Shibata (Ronin Eyewear, Contrast Mag, Vertra, Pro Surfer, and 20 other things. ha ha) and his parents, Geoff Wong (Rusty) and I got together at House of Dragon at Pearl City. Why Chinese food? cuz it's family style and we wanted Mahina to know that we are all like a family!

Good food with great people. Congrats Mahina!

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