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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend at Sunset Beach

I spent the whole weekend at Sunset Beach at Mahina Maeda's house. Mahina's dad told me that they get about 200 kids at their house every year and i thought he was joking... but i think they ended up getting like 300 kids trick or treating this year!!

The gang all ready to go trick or treating!

some familiar faces stopped by the Maeda house.

Ocean Tsutsui and her friends.
Amber Lyon and Dax McGill
On Sunday, after checking out the Xcel Pro for a bit, we all went to V-Land for a photo session.
The current was so strong i was swimming HARD the whole time i was out there!

The waves were super fun and there weren't many people out, so it became a grom session! ha ha.

Kalani David was ripping.
and yes, he completed this sick turn.
and this one too.

Finn McGill punting! and i got pounded by the wave right after... ha ha.

Seth Moniz was getting so many barrels but i was never close enough cuz of the current kicking my butt... sorry Seth.

It's hard to surf there as a goofy footer specially because all you see are the reefs under 1 foot of water but Noa Mizuno was surfing really good!

Bailey Nagy was making some guys out there look bad. Good thing i wasn's surfing today... i'd been one of those guys. ha ha.
and Bailey still had time to mess around.

Remember what i said about duck diving shots and how every girl should have one? well, i think every girl should have a rainbow shot too.

Bailey Nagy and Makani Adric

I had a great Halloween weekend and i hope you all did too!

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