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Monday, November 23, 2009

Joel Centeio!

Today was the final day of Reef Hawaiian Pro 2009 at Haleiwa so i drove over there since i had a feeling i need to be there for some reason.

My feeling was right! Local boy Joel Centeio won the event! He was surfing so good all event. It's always great to see someone who deserve to win actually win an event!

Joel getting ready for the final.

Joel got great bunch of friends and they were all there to support him.

Right when Joel got his 9.33 ride during the final!

I think Joel's wife Ashley was more nervous than anyone else at the event.

The moment everyone found out Joel won!

Waiting for the Reef Hawaiian Pro winner to come in!

The guys know what's up, let Joel and Ashley have a moment...

Time's up! now it's Joel's buddies' turn!

Congrats Joel! You are the man!!

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