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Monday, November 16, 2009

Mid November and we got waves in town!

It's crazy! it's mid November and waves in town are going off! This is awesome for kids because they can surf in town and avoid all the madness of North Shore with pros and random people from all over the world trying to surf.

So i grabbed my camera and went to Kewalos. Bunch of kids were there having fun. The weather wasn't the greatest so flash session today!

Nicole Brueggemann posing gangstar style. nah, nah. she was stretching before paddling out. but don't mess with her, not only she's a surfer, she's been wrestling too! she is now my official body guard! you mess with me, you gonna have to deal with her! ha ha.

Here's Devin Brueggemann, he's been surfin so good lately and his style is getting really sick!

Joy Haynes, she's been surfing a lot and i can totally tell she has. she's now catching bigger waves and doing some nice turns.

Michael Ikalani, he's another grom who got better almost all the sudden. one day he was just "turning" and the next day he's "hacking" away! he's turns are bigger, faster and more extreme all of the sudden. how do kids do that? i've been surfing the same for past 5 years... ha ha.

Mahina Maeda came to town today to surf in clean water since North Shore water's still dirty from the storm. look, you can see her face from underwater! ha ha.

What can i say about Mahina... she just rips. she's surfing way better than me and she's only 11! everyday these kids make me think about just stop surfing... and i realize when i surf, these kids block waves for me! it's a funny sight, bunch of 9, 10, 11 years old kids blocking waves for me. ha ha. Thanks kids!!

Sister (Kelia Moniz) is back from Texas!! She was there visiting her aunty and uncle and she told me she had an amazing time there! so she hasn't surf in a while but it's like she never left, still ripping!! Welcome back Sister!
check out Sister's blog at

Seth Moniz paddled out with his new hair style. i was going to buzz my hair too but now i'll just look like copying him so i guess i need to wait a while. ha ha.

Do i even need to say anything about how Seth surfs? He just knows how to read waves better than anyone. Zeke (Lau) calls him "Little Andy Irons" and i can see why.

Kaulana Apo, he just came back from California competing at Rip Curl Grom Search Nationals. he was so stoked be back in Hawaii where he can surf in his trunks. look, he's even smiling while duck diving in Hawaii's nice warm water. ha ha.

Kaulana got the sickest style. I call him "Big Man" not because he's tiny... ha ha. it's because when he surfs, your eyes naturally goes to him because of his sick style, just like when you see a big 7 feet tall guy walking. Welcome back Big Man!!

Only thing i hate about shooting with flash is i end up staying in the water till dark... you know, sharks' dinner time! I don't think about it much when i'm surfing but when i'm just floating around shooting... that's another story. i feel like a bait!

Kaulana and Seth were still paddling back out when i was going in before i became a dinner. crazy kids!!

Another great day here in Hawaii! it's just crazy to think there are people elsewhere digging themselves out of snow and stuff. we are sooo lucky!

I just uploaded our new webisode too, so don't forget to check it out!

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