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Sunday, November 22, 2009

HSA contest at Maili Point

There was a HSA contest at Maili Point today. I got there around 630am and i was there till 530pm!! so tired.

The weather was nice and there were some nice size waves, like 3 times overhead for kids!

i took some photos around our tents to show you how it is at these contests.

Good morning! i was telling Bailey how she always make funny faces when i point my camera at her, and right when i was about to take another photo...

a fly landed on her! ha ha. i guess this fly wanted to be in the photo really bad. ha ha

Jenna checking out when her heat is.

Mahina's older sister Ka'ena came to support Mahina!

we had BayVI and Rusty tents put together with a nice park table in the middle. look how crowded it gets sometimes in the tents.
i think we need to start bringing more tents! ha ha.

It's an all day event but there are lot of down time when you aren't surfing. so all these kids hangout, free surf, do homework, etc to kill time.

Christian Pendleton, Kylen Yamakawa, and Kai Matsumoto trying to look "cool" but not really working. ha ha

Takumi Yasui is pretty much a Hawaii kid now!

Noa taking care of his homework before Monday.

Renesh Wainscoat cruzed with us today too. here he is right after his heat!

Tiki Wills was there to support her dad! she found little purple butterflies everywhere and she was trying to catch them for a long time!

Noa Mizuno finished his homework and grabbed my camera and this is what he shot.
crushing my head! i thought he liked me but after this photo, i'm not too sure... ha ha.

Joy got huge eyes! i'm jealous cuz i got my little Japanese eyes. She's a hapa but i guess she didn't get the Japanese eyes.

Right when it was the hottest time of the day, i found an ice cream guy!

nice cold treats! i think the guy made some serious cash today!

Bailey got the best looking one!

Lazy eyed Tweety bird! ha ha.

All the kids impressed me today. the waves got bigger and bigger all day and i know some kids were scared to go out but they all went out and surfed really well!

Rusty kids Austin Vicente (1st place) and Hunter Johnson (4th place) in Boys division!

Kylen Yamakawa was ripping all day. 1st place Jr Mens!

Kaulana Apo killed it out there! 1st place 12 & under division!

Hana Harrison got 1st in both longboard and shortboard Womens Divisions! and she surfed on a borrowed longboard!

I think that Tweety bird ice cream worked! Bailey Nagy won Girls division!

super long day but had a great day with all the groms!

Don't forget, tomorrow ASP International and Hawaii jusdges will be at Sunset Rec Center at 7pm for an open forum. i'll see you all there!

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