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Monday, November 23, 2009

New Webisode! 5th Annual Da Hui Beach Clean Up

Just uploaded the new webisode, this one is about the 5th Annual Da Hui Beach Clean Up! Da Hui put together this event every year and it is an amazing event. This event cleans the whole North Shore beaches and not just one! Great cause, food, games, prizes, etc.

I took Vanina Walsh and Mahina Maeda with me everywhere from Haleiwa to Sunset! The original plan was to film everyone as we go but when we got to Haleiwa, no one was there yet so we ended up staying there for over 30 minutes cleaning. So by the time we got to different locations, lot of the people were already gone... but i know all the groms did great job picking up trash, making our playground nice and clean! Enjoy the video!

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