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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Newax, Da Hui Beach Clean up, and Surf Dog!

Where's the storm?? We were supposed to get hit by a huge storm yesterday and today but... Nothing! stoked cuz i don't like it when it's stomy outside.

so i got to surf this past couple of days in town. head high and clean condition both days. i haven't surfed in like a month since i was always busy filming or shooting photos so it's been a nice change.

When Mahina (Maeda) got a new board and her dad and she was putting on her Newax on (It's like a grip tape for your board), i was asking them all kinds of questions about it. i guess i was asking too many questions because they ended up hooking me up with a sheet and told me to try it out! ha ha. Thanks Mahina!

So i tried it out this past couple of day.
Don't make fun of me because i just put it on that little section... that's how i wax my board. just one spot. i don't do anything crazy so why waste wax, you know. ha ha.

here's my review on Newax. It was really weird my first 2 waves. i'm so used to having uneven surface, bumps from wax, under my feet, it felt like i was surfing with no wax. i didn't slip off or anything tho. actually, Newax got really nice traction to it. after i got used to the "flat" surface under my feet, i was ripping like Mahina! (actually not really... she's way better than me.)

after a couple of hours i started to get rash on my stomach from Newax tho. I'm not sure if it was because i haven't surf for a month because i get rash from regular wax too when i don't surf for a while.

So in conclusion, i like Newax! it works good, looks cool, don't need to worry about not having any wax when i want to be out surfing, no dirty wax on my white board, and i don't need to worry about my wax melting in my car while i'm out shooting or driving around working. oh and if you travel a lot, you don't need to change to different temp wax

this weekend is Da Hui Beach Clean Up at V-land. well it's more like everywhere in North Shore. everyone meet at V-Land and they got trucks going to different locations in North Shore to clean.
This event is so big now! look at all the sponsors!! there's gonna be live bands, games, prizes, and usually get tons of pro surfers there cleaning with us too. so be there!!

one last thing today. at the Haleiwa Menehune contest last month, i met the famous Surf Dog!
he's from North Shore and he travels everywhere promoting literacy to everyone. He's been to so many places i'm little jealous. Follow Surf Dog at!

alright, that's it for today. hopefully it's not gonna storm tomorrow!

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