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Friday, November 27, 2009

Rusty BBQ, Thanksgiving Surfing and Dinner

i had crazy busy days this past 2 days. wednesday evening i went to Rusty grom surf team bbq up in north shore.

some kids didn't know each other in the beginning of the bbq but by the end, everyone was friends and playing around by the end. i think Rusty did a great job getting these groms together!
i was going to drive back to town but i ended up spending a night at Mahina's house. next morning the waves in north shore were big and stormy. so we called around and found out Makaha was going off!

since Mahina's house have some japanese surfers staying (sayuri and takumi) and they jumped in my car with us. and Rusty rider, Lulu and her friend Chris from cali told us they want to go surf with us the night before, we picked them up and we were off to Makaha!

We are here! sunny sky, clear water, and waves were 4-6 ft Hawaiian scale.

Chris Love making sure he doesn't get burn OR make sure everyone knows he's white so he can get beat up. Nah, nah. we met up with Makaha local Quizon family to make sure they are all safe. ha ha.

Lulu Erkeneff making sure her board is all ready to go! hey lulu, look at the camera next time.

ready to surf!

look, a ladybug on Mahina's board! i haven't seen ladybugs in a while.

i filmed for about 2 hours and i paddled out and surfed for an hour. Lulu ended up surfing for like 5 hours straight!

everyone was hungry and since they are not from hawaii (except for Mahina) we took stopped by a special place.

Only in Hawaii! 7-11!! ha ha. i know in mainland, you can't eat food at 7-11 but here in Hawaii, there are some great food.

Mahina showing Lulu some of the bentos (Japanese style lunch in a box).

so many to choose from!

but Lulu ended up just getting a Drumstick ice cream. ha ha.

Chis was stoked to see these, 9 different flavors of Slurpee!

He must love them a lot! OFF BOY!! ha ha.

Now he is in his dream land!

so 5 kids plus me, that's 6 people with 6 boards. how do i put all of them in my wagon? well, i put my softracks so boards are on top of the wagon. and the kids....
yes, Mahina had to sit on top of all the junk in the back of the wagon! sucks to be the youngest one! ha ha.

After we got back from the beach, it was time for thanksgiving dinner! thank you Maeda family!

Ka'ena baked this pumpkin pie today while we were surfing. it was so good!

and Ka'ena brought out a can of whip cream for the pie... but... NO, MAHINA!! ha ha

I want to thank my family, friends, groms and their parents, and everyone who supports my site! Thank you all!

tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday is Rell Sunn's Menehune contest at Makaha (if the waves are too big it will be moved to else where). so i better get some sleep!

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