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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dave motivates me to do more for the groms!

One of the best things about owning a site like Novus Swell is that I get to meet so many amazing people.

Let me introduce you to one guy who's been motivating me to do more! Meet Dave Yamaya!
I like Dave cuz he is a Mac guy. ha ha. nah, nah. just kidding.

He is originally from Hawaii and now living in Japan as a pro surfer with his wife and daughter. ok, and here's the real reason why i like him. He is all about the kids! Since he is in Japan and I'm in Hawaii, i've never met him in person but everyone i talk to, who knows Dave, has nothing but good things to say about him.

so this is Dave as i know him (from talking to him and talking to people who knows him). He's a great father, surfer, mentor, role model, Mr. Aloha, etc. Just a great guy.

check out Dave's site at

Dave wants to help out all the surfer kids so much, he started Grom Swap International!
it is a program designed to give new generation of young surfers the opportunity to travel between Hawaii, Japan and Australia by way of a home stay format. It is still in beginning stage of the program but how amazing is this!

Imagine as a grom going to Japan from Hawaii staying with a pro surfer who knows all the secret spots, exploring Japan surfing while learning about the culture and meeting new friends!
as i mentioned it is in the beginning stage of the program right now and he still needs more places where groms can stay over here in Hawaii.

If i had a big enough house i'm more than willing to let kids stay but i live in a tiny studio and i don't think kids will be stoked to be sleeping standing up... ha ha.

So if you have a place you can open up for this amazing program, PLEASE contact Dave at

or if you want to look into the program and send your kids to Japan for experience of their lifetime or get involved with the program, go to!

Dave started Grom Swap International not to make money (he's not making a penny out of this!) but pure heart and desire to help out kids. People like Dave makes me want to do more for the groms! Thanks Dave for taking your time to contact me!

oh, and as i mentioned before Da Hui Beach clean up is moved to this coming weekend! Same time, same location, same amazing event, just different weekend!
Also this Saturday, Kamehameha Surfers Give Back club got a Surf Sample Sale & Awareness at Kamehameha School!

I better get back to work now so i can get a bigger place and host some groms from Japan!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you literally brought tears to my eyes KAZ! thank you so much!
dave yamaya