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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alana Balnchard, Aloha Army, and a must attend event!

Alana Blanchard won the Vans Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa! I couldn't be there in person since i had things i had to do but i was watching the contest on my computer today. Alana was surfing really good. she was finding some nice waves all day hacking away. Congrats Alana!

I got new gears today from Aloha Army!
I can't thank Aloha Army enough for helping me out since Novus Swell was just an idea in my head. please support these guys who support Novus Swell!

This coming Monday, 23rd, ASP International and Hawaii's head ASP judges are having an impromptu judging forum at Sunset Beach Recreation Center at 7pm!

This event will be an amazing opportunity for everyone who competes to better understand how surfing judging works. "impromptu" means no planned so come with questions to ask otherwise we will be just sitting there looking at each other in silence. ha ha

i know everyone wonders how judges are scoring time to time, like how you got a 5 and the other guy got a 5.5 even tho you did 3 turns and the other guy just did 2 turns.

this is going to be the perfect time to ask those questions and better understand how judging works in surfing.

i'll see you guys there!

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