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Friday, November 20, 2009

Fitted, Homer in Bones?!?!, and Sister's growing up

i stopped by FITTED this evening for a BBQ and and check out the new black wall. it's dark in this photo but the black wall outside looks super nice. it fits FITTED's sick image really well. if you haven't been to the shop, make sure you check them out. they got the sickest limited edition hats (most of the time with Hawaii theme) you can only get from FITTED. if you aren't here in Hawaii, they have an online store too.

I try not to watch tv too much, that's why i only have 2 channels on my tv... no cable, just an old fashion bunny ears (now with a digital converter). but i do watch tv programs online here and there on (this way i can just watch one show and stop unlike real tv where i'd just watch for hours)

One of my favorite shows to watch is Bones. if you haven't seen it before, you should check it out. i was watching an episode yesterday and look what i found in the background!
X-ray image of Homer Simpson on the monitor! and look how small his brain is. ha ha. i was tripping out because Bones is not a comedy show but sneaking in Homer in the background! i like the show even more now!

tomorrow is Da Hui beach clean up, Kamehameha Surfers Give Back sample sale, and HSA contest at Maili Point. I wish i can be at 3 different places at the same time but i can't... try to find me! ha ha.

THIS JUST IN!! I just found out Sister "Kelia" Moniz got her drivers license! 1st try! so stoked for her. she must've had a really good teacher! Remember her when she was just starting to drive with her permit? check out these videos from March this year. Ha ha.

Congrats Sister! now come pick me up! ha ha.

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