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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fun time at Rell Sunn's Menehune Contest!

This past 2 days was Rell Sunn's Menehune Contest at Makaha!

I love it there! Many people say how the west side is scary and dangerous but i think people there are the most caring people on the island. they are all about their family and friends. I think people who say bad things about the west side and had bad experience must've done something wrong to the people there. if you respect them, you'll see the real "Aloha" on the west side and not like many fake "Aloha" you find in town.

I was mostly filming the whole time but i took a break and swam out to a floating platform and a floating huge yoga mat looking thing Keaulana ohana had for the kids.

the water was so clear i could've spear some fish without goggles!

Joey Johnston swam out with me.

The huge yoga mat thing!

The floating platform!

The platform was super slippery so kids were pushing and pulling each other trying to be the King/Queen of the platform.

got the get the biggest guy off this thing! John Quizon getting choked by a little girl. ha ha.

did i say the water was clear??

I found a mermaid!! i think her name says it all. Ocean (Tsutsui)!

Many groms were playing on the shore break too!

Our beach mascot, Nahe Apo!

Shore break fun!
Christopher Bluthardt

Barron Mamiya

Wyatt McHale and this photo was taken by Barron. good job both of you!

and i was met by the biggest kid at the beach, Mike McGill! He's Dax and Finn's dad and the most fun guy you'll ever meet.

Many pros stop by at Rell Sunn's Menehune Contest every year. Usually most of them are pros who knew Aunty Rell or who competed in this event when they were younger.

Rob probably had to pose for over a hundred photos but he was super nice to all the groms.

Elijah Gates came in from bodysurfing and saw all the sand on his hair... i had to push Rob out of the way but he was still smiling and being super nice. Thanks Rob!

We thought we put out tents far enough from the water but once in a while the water was getting really close to our camp. so i made Jenna Forti and Joy Haynes dig a huge hole in front of us.

Seth Moniz ruining the girls hard work.

They ended up burying Jenna... ha ha.

i just couldn't resist... yes, that's my butt. ha ha

i had a fisheye lens on my camera so we started messing around with it.
try to figure out who these kids are!

Had a great couple of days at Makaha! I'll post the video on Tuesday so check back soon!

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