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Sunday, October 31, 2010


I love the McGills. They are so much fun!! Finn, I think you need to lose some weight buddy. Haha.

Happy halloween!

Kids are ready to go trick or treating now!


Lunch time!


North shore is still small but some fun ones at chun's. Some groms are out there surfing right now.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sample sale

At Kamehameha sample sale!

Friday, October 29, 2010

KS Surfers Give Back Club Sample Sale Tomorrow!

There's a huge Sample sale / Kamehameha School Surf Club Awareness event tomorrow at Kamehameha School! I'm going to go over there to check it out. You all should stop by too, i think i'm gonna be done with xmas shopping early this year! ha ha.

Evening session

Evening session at kewalos. It was actually fun today.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Enter to win your own Zionic Watch!

Here it is everyone, Zionic Watches Giveaway! Click on the image above or here to find out how to enter to win your own Zionic Watch!

Thank you Zionic Hawaii for sending me 8 watches to giveaway. Yes, you heard right, they sent me 8 to giveaway! So your chance of winning one is way better than when i just have 1 prize so enter away!

No good waves but had a great day! how did that happened??

Had a really good day today. it's really rare for me to have good days when there are no good waves, so it must've been a REALLY good day. ha ha.

This morning, Seth Moniz called me from Puerto Rico (he's there for Rip Curl Gromsearch International Finals) and told me some people came up to him and said they recognized him from watching Novus Swell!

I was stoked to hear that but i was more stoked that Seth CALLED me from Puerto Rico just to tell me that. Thanks Seth and good luck at the International Finals!

Here's the webisode from Rip Curl Gromsearch at Kewalos where Seth qualified to go to Puerto Rico.

I had a lunch meeting with Dane from Greentea Hawaii. Their products are really tasty and on top of that, it's really good for you. Check them out at

We had a great meeting and there will be some good stuff coming us, Novus Swell & Greentea Hawaii, teaming up!

In the afternoon, i received a package from Zionic Watches.

Zionic watches are cool colorful wristband watches. so comfortable, unique and can surf with them on too! here's their site.

so guess where the Zionic watches i got are for??? GIVEAWAYS!
That's right, I'll be giving them away on Novus Swell. It will start tomorrow so keep your eyes open to find out how you can win your own Zionic Watch!

I wanted to try out my Zionic Watch so i drove down to Kewalos. On my way to Kewalos, i saw smoke covering the whole road. i thought there was a HUGE fire...

nope, it was from Times Supermarket steak plate guys going nuts on their bbq grills.

it's little hard to see but you see that tent full of black smoke? i guess i won't be eating there... EVER! ha ha.

My Zionic watch worked great surfing even tho the surf sucked. ha ha. Had good time out there tho. it was nice to be in the water and had super nice sunset tonight too.

Went to dinner with Brueggemann family after at Zippy's and caught Karl (papa Brueggemann) satisfying his sweet tooth after our dinner. ha ha.

Off to BestBuy after dinner.

I dropped off my camcorder last week since it was acting up. They called me today and told me that they cannot fix it so i get a NEW one!

BUT they didn't have the exact model of camcorder i had... they gave an option to get a different model or wait till they get one in. i decided to wait since other models don't fit in my water housing.

i was impressed and happy with the girl who was helping me. She spent like an hour looking, calling, talking to her managers, and on computer checking Best Buys everywhere on the NATION for the exact model of camcorder i want and she was so nice the whole time.

I guess i don't need to have good waves to have a great day! All i need are some good people around me like i did today!


Greentea Hawaii

Had a great meeting with Dane of Greentea Hawaii.

They got great some products with tons of health benefits. So check them out!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Wow, one of the worst day I've seen at kewalos. Can't believe Geoff paddled out.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

S2W40: 34th Annual North Shore Menehune Surf Contest

34th Annual North Shore Menehune Surf Contest was held at Ali'i Beach, Haleiwa this past weekend with perfect weather and waves for the groms. It is amazing they having been having this contest for 34 year!

It's a great event up to 12 year olds and all the kids are so adorable surfing. It's crazy how the little ones are surfing so well. i think if they had a parents vs kids division, kids would've won!

Thank you Skill Johnson, Ivy Blomfield, all the volunteers, and all the sponsors for another great Menehune event!

Please visit for the results.

You got till 11:59pm tonight to enter to win your own Pickle Wax Remover! so don't forget to enter before it's too late!
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Novus Swell supports "Not Even Once"

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Menehune contest awards time!

Menehune contest

Got some fun size waves, great weather and tons of groms!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What does Memory of Eddie Aikau winner, the man at the Volcom house, and a nobody have in common? - Another great Red Bull Rival event!

Today was Red Bull Rivals at Sandys. it's a cool event where North Shore and South Shore surfers compete against each other for bragging rights and the losing team surfers have to give their surfboards to the other team. The boards are going to be donated to Surfrider Foundation so they can raise money by raffling or auctioning them.

I was asked to judge the event with Noah Johnson (1999 The Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau event, aka Eddie Would Go event at Waimea Bay), and Kai Borg (The man at the Volcom house). How could I say no to that! I don't even know how i got asked since i'm nobody compare to these guys. But was stoked to be part of it for sure.

It was super exciting close game, the scores were going back and forth between North and South all day. And the winner was....

South Shore!
No, no. "Sister" Moniz is not sponsored by Bud Light, it was Sean Moody's board. That's right, they weren't kidding when they said the boards go to the winning team.

MVP went to...
Zeke Lau!
His little sisters were there to support him and i think it worked! he was ripping out there.

I gotta mention Isaiah Moniz, he was surfing unreal out there getting barrels, shove-its, and huge hacks.

It was a great event with lot of groms like Noa Mizuno, Seth Moniz, Alessa Quizon, Kelia "Sister" Moniz, Kalani David, etc.

Thanks Red Bull for putting another great event! They are premiering "Who's J.O.B." by Jamie O'Brien in an hour in Waikiki. i got no sleep last night and i'm waking up early to go check out the North Shore Manahune contest so i'll be just working tonight.

I'll see you all tomorrow at Haleiwa!


Red Bull Rivals

At the Red Bull Rivals. It's gonna be starting at 10. It's going to be a nice day!


The NS menehune contest is on today as well as the Red Bull Rivals. I'll be at The Red Bull Rivals today. Good luck everyone today! 

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wish there were 3 of me this weekend...

This weekend is going to be one of those weekends i wish there are 3 of me around. I want the first one to be at the Red Bull Rivals at Sandys tomorrow.
This is going to be great! Bunch of top surfers battling Town vs County for bragging right... and you know the bragging rights is worth more than $$$ for these guys so it is going to be so much fun!

I want the 2nd me to spend all weekend at Heleiwa for North Shore Menehune contest.
I love this contest. bunch of little groms (12 and under) having fun and enjoying their weekend. it's so much fun to watch these kids ripping out there.

and the 3rd me, i want him to just relax and have a weekend off.

well, unfortunately there's only one of me so here's my plan. I'll be at Sandys tomorrow at the Red Bull Rivals and Haleiwa for the Menehune contest on Sunday. i guess i'll relax and rest when i'm dead... ha ha. for now, no sleep and just keep going!!

See you all at the beach!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Funniest video i've seen this year - Coco Ho Love Song #2!

This video is the funniest video i've seen all year. Thanks Joy Haynes for finding this video. it makes me laugh every time i watch this.

Remember the original Coco Ho Love Song written/performed by Connor Thuotte?
well, if not, i used the song on Coco's profile last year so check it out.

wow, that was already over a year ago. weird to see myself with long hair... ha ha.

well, Connor wrote Coco Ho Love Song #2! He just posted today so check it out!

I think Coco is the only pro female surfer with 2 love songs. Great job Connor!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

S2W39: Failed Weekend Plan

North Shore Menehune Contest was cancelled this weekend so Kylen Yamakawa planned this amazing weekend for all of us! He was going to fish and dive to get tons of fish and BBQ all day feeding fresh fish to everyone between surf sessions.

well, this is what happened. Enjoy the video!

There's still time left to enter to win Pickle Wax Remover so don't forget to visit Novus Swell and enter to win your own Pickle!
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beef Stew at the beach! - Kelia "Sister" Moniz's new friend

North Shore Menehune contest was cancelled again so i stayed in town. everyone was at kewalos, even some new faces from Maui. it was great new groms from Maui who came to Oahu for the contest, but since it was cancelled they they came down to kewalos to surf.

the surf was actually pretty good and the weather was great all day.

After long day in the sun, Jen Apo (Kaulana's mom) made beef stew for everyone.
it's the best when you come in from a surf session and have a tasty hot beef stew with everyone!
Kaulana came in after dark. he ran over started eating even before he dried off. he must've been starving! ha ha.

Kelia "Sister" Moniz stopped by to pick up her brothers and she brought her new friend!
look at the little fuzzy cute dog! Sister hasn't named her yet so everyone was suggesting her with names. i say she should name her "Mothball". what do you think? ha ha


Contest cancelled for today

NS menehune contest cancelled again today (Sunday).

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The boys plans FAIL! Big time!

The North Shore Menehune contest was cancelled today due to flat condition up there so bunch of us met up in town.

we thought it was going to be bad condition all day so we had other stuff planned. everyone brought their fishing poles, fins, snorkels, spears, and Kylen even brought everything to cook fishes they catch.

I was looking forward to fresh fish for lunch and dinner... BUT they caught NO FISH! hours of fishing and spearing resulted in zero atable fish. the boys plan failed miserably! ha ha.

Good thing the condition got better and we actually had some good surf. so we ended up surfing in the evening time starving. ha ha.

can't be mad tho, specially on a beautiful day like today when the sky turn pink and purple in the evening.
i really feel like eating fish so i hope they catch some tomorrow!



Crappy waves so we got other activities planned today!

Menehune contest cancelled.

North shore menehune contest is cancelled today due to flat condition.

Aloha \m/
Kaz Sano
Novus Swell

Friday, October 15, 2010

In-N-Out in Hawaii! - good, frustrating, good long day - Bailey Nagy and other groms on Surfline!

i don't what it was but i was craving In-N-Out late last night. good thing i got some back up thanks to my friend Michael Kawada.
was it good? well... it was ok. still tasted like In-N-Out but not even close to the fresh one. ha ha.

good thing i have these emergency In-N-Out at home. If i didn't i think i'd be grumpy way more often.

I did lot of driving around all day today taking care of stuff.

first, i met up with Ryan Kelly from Vitamin Water. Now i got enough VW to keep groms hydrated at the Menehune Contest this weekend. Thanks Ryan!

and had acai bowl with Hana Harrison for lunch. we had lot of catching up to do so it was nice to sit down with her.

after that, i met up with Christian Pendleton and Kainoa Haas.
It was really nice catching up with them too. i haven't seen them in a while and now they both look like full grown adults!

oh i forgot to mention my multiple trips to an AT&T store.
i had to keep going back there since they forgot to give me back my old broken iPhone. I know iPhone 3GS is worth some money even when it's broken, so i wanted to make sure i get it back.

I kept calling them but each time i called, everyone was busy and kept sending me to an automated system trying to get me to sign up with AT&T even tho i am with AT&T already.

so after going there 3 times (1st time, the gir who helped me wasn't there, 2nd time the girl's there but claimed another girl took it to try to fix it, 3rd time finally the other girl was there) throughout the day, i finally got my old phone back!

they never even told me that one girl was trying to fix it. i could've told her she can't. i freaking took that thing a part in pieces and still couldn't fix it. made me think if she was really trying to fix it or she was going to sell that thing. i know i can get like $100 for a not stolen broken one.

i was already little frustrated from all the driving around when i saw a good size screw in my tire! i was losing air pretty fast so i had to fix it now!
btw, it's all wet with my saliva cuz i was making sure it's not leaking air anymore. hope i didn't gross anyone out. ha ha.

i was so frustrated, i was ready to kill someone. i know only thing i can do to change my mood was to surf.
good thing i did. i feel way better now and not even mad about my whole phone stuff or flat tire.

had some fun waves along with a crazy drugged out lady who swam out to the lineup talking non sense to everyone scaring kids. ha ha.

i thought it was great for kids too see that lady. i know these kids were thinking "wow, i never want to be like that! Gotta stay away from drugs."

good beginning, frustrating middle, and good end to this long day.

btw, did you check out Surfline? they have photos of the girls of north shore and some of the groms are in there including Bailey Nagy!

it's big time! Surfline gets millions of hits everyday. so stoked for the groms.
so don't forget to check it out!


Time to surf

Loong day driving around everywhere and ended up with a flat tire. Took care of that and now time to surf!

Vitamin Water!

Met up with Ryan from Vitamin Water to stock up for the menehune contest. Thanks Ryan!