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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No More Cracks! - Don't Tag Your Name - Cold Stone - Alisha's Fingers are Full!

Remember how my windshield's been cracked for a while? well, today was the last day to get it fixed before i get my safety check done.

I was looking for a place to get it done and totally forgot my friend Al owns a auto glass shop, so i called him up.

off comes my cracked windshield.

look how nice my new windshield looks!
ok Zeke, don't break this one now! ha ha.

i guess i should clean my car... the windshield looks super nice and everything else looks all dirty now. when i say dirty, i mean DIRTY to a point kids can tag names on in my car.
nice one Joy. next time, tag something other than your name so i won't know who's been messing around in my car! ha ha.

After getting the new windshield, it was time for me to get my safety check done. i always go to my buddy, Jun's shop. it's so nice to have a mechanic who i can trust. i do lot of stuff myself, but when i need help, i always go to him.

I met him surfing and i even bought my Surf Shuttle wagon from him too. just so you know, like i said, he's a surfer so don't expect him to be there when waves are good. ha ha.

I went to Kewalos to meet up with Sister (Kelia Moniz) at Kewalos after.

Yes, Sister. i know, i always have sunflower seeds in my car. ha ha.

Alisha Gonsalves stopped by too and look what happened to her truck!
She was in an accident this past weekend. i'm glad nothing happened to her. please be careful out there everyone!

it was so windy and the waves were crappy so i didn't even know Josh Moniz and Gen Asano were out there surfing.
oh and the ASP judge/shaper Makani stopped by too. (he's the one in the back with his arms up) i got to talk to him about shaping and judging for a while. thanks Makani! i learned a lot today.

I was hungry and the girls wanted to go shopping so Josh, Gen and I went to L&Ls while the girls shopped.

when the girls came back, they went straight into a Cold Stone. ha ha.
Look how happy they look!

I love Alisha cuz little stuff she does are so funny!

I think her fingers were full after this. ha ha.

i guess it's going to be windy again tomorrow... i need a new hobby so i have something to do!


It's time!

Time to get a new windshield.

Diamond Head

Wind is blowing super hard. Not a good day to surf I guess.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My sleep was a blink long... - Makaha - Access Surf this weekend!

It was an interesting day today... i went to sleep late because i was busy editing and uploading the new Novus Swell video webisode. felt like i just blinked when my phone rang... it's Zeke.

"I'm coming over and we should go to the west side, it's gonna be good!". i was still half a sleep so i just said "ok". i was regretting saying that right after i said it. ha ha.

Zeke came over and we were off to the west side!
so glad he has a driver's permit! i just made him drive and i just sat there still half sleeping.

Got to Tracks and it was FLAT! we decided to go to Makaha and there was a crazy traffic!
again, so glad Zeke got a permit. i just chilled while he was getting all frustrated. ha ha.

got to Makaha and the waves were nice! it was about 6-7 ft (Hawaiian) outside and fun size inside... BUT the tide was high and waves were really slow. oh well, at least there were some waves.

i made Zeke go out surf for a few hours. when we were leaving, Zeke was already sitting on the passenger side when i packed up everything. i guess he didn't want to drive anymore. ha ha.

and guess what? we hit traffic again when we got into town.
aaaaahhhhh... gotta love Oahu, traffic everywhere!

Drop Zeke off at Egan Inoue Studio for training and i was going to take a nap... BUT i started getting phone calls and i never got to take my nap. and next thing i know, Zeke was at my house after his training.

He came, jumped on my computer, went over EVERY clip from past week, and left. seems like he's here all the time! too bad his photo trip to Mexico got cancelled... ha ha.

felt like i got nothing done today! oh well, i guess i need to work harder another day. good thing i'm my own boss cuz if my employee got nothing done, like me today, i'd fired him! ha ha.

speaking of working harder, i'm going to work hard this weekend!

There's no contest this Saturday, so i'm going to Access Surf Hawaii's "Day at the Beach" at White Plains!

Access Surf helps people with disabilities surf and enjoy a day at the beach!
visit their website at

I want to make the next Novus Swell video webisode there, so all of you kids should come help too!

I already talked to them and they are stoked if everyone can show up and volunteer. I've been wanting to do this for a long time so i'm stoked too.

I think it will be an amazing experience for all the grom surfers to give back. so please come join me, Zeke, Sister (Kelia Moniz), Kylen & Cole Yamakawa, Kaito Kino, Jenna Forti and others!

if your parents CANNOT be there, make sure have them sign Access Surf volunteer release forms and bring them with you!

Download the forms at:

Please be there at 7am to help setup. there will be a short meeting at 8am so we know what we are doing and it should be done noon-1pm ish. and we can all go surf after!

if you have any questions, you can email me at

oh, and they are a non-profit organization so you get your volunteering hours if you need them for school too.

i hope i see all of you there!



Trying to go to Makaha but there's mad traffic! Hope it's not like
this all the way.


FLAT! Don't come here! Ha ha.

New webisode! South Swell!!

Just uploaded a new video webisode! The first South Swell of the year came early this year! The swell showed up on the 20th and the waves stayed good for almost 4 days. Maybe be little too big for some groms but older kids were out there having fun. I filmed Bowls, Big Rights, and Kewalos. Here are some highlights from the swell featuring Kaito Kino, Buddy Wiggins, Cole Yamakawa, Alisha Gonsalves, Isaiah Moniz, and Ezekiel Lau.

Enjoy the video!

Sponsored by:

Novus Swell supports "Not Even Once"

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Huge Dragon! - Small Waves in Town - Bye Bye Sisters BFF Fredrick! - Another Big Bet with Zeke!

Yesterday when i was leaving Kewalos, Dax McGill and Malia Mizuno showed up with a huge stuffed animal they got from D&B.
That thing was so huge, it was as tall as the girls!

I wanted to surf today since i was sitting infront of my computer for too long so i picked up Kaito Kino and Zeke Lau and went to Kewalos but... the waves were tiny!

We ran into a shaper Makani and he had his SUP in the van so Zeke decided to take it out.
Small but we all had fun tho. it's always good to jump in the water!

Typical scene at Kewalos after a surf session. just hanging out in the parking lot.

Sister (Kelia Moniz) stopped by. She just got her scar tissue, aka Fredrick, on her shoulder removed today. R.I.P. Fredrick! ha ha.

Oh, Zeke and I got a HUGE bet going now! He needs to get 3.2 GPA or better this coming quarter to win. If he wins, he gets my Civic. If he loses, i get $500!!
I want him to do well in school, but i don't want him to win... so i'm hoping he gets like 3.19GPA. ha ha.



It's super small at kewalos.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

High school contest at Sandys.

Joy and Jenna are here to support some of their friends!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

HSA at Sandys - Thanks Vitamin Water! - One Tooth at a Time! - Lau Family's Day Off!

Today was a HSA event at Sandys beach! There are still some nice size waves but the wind was blowing hard and made it challenging to surf for all the competitors. We all had a great day tho!

Before this event, Vitamin Water hooked me up with some Vitamin Water! Everyone was so stoked, and kept them all hydrated all day. Thanks Vitamin Water!

Every contest, HSA gives out t-shirt to the competitors and Novus Swell sponsors HSA and provide them with photos. This event was Jenna Forti! She made to the final today and went home with a 3rd place trophy! Congrats Jenna!

There's always random stuff goes on at the beach, today was Hunter Johnson losing one of his baby tooth.
I get to watch these kids grow up one tooth at a time, how awesome is that!

Zeke (Ezekiel Lau) and i went out to Half Point to see if we can get any shots and worth calling more kids out to shoot... the answer was NO. It was one of the hardest photo shoot ever! the waves weren't lining up, the current was strong, rocks everywhere with a foot of water, etc. i actually had lot of fun tho. ha ha.

well, these 2 photos are the only 2 decent enough to post... :(

Zeke's family is super busy since there are 3 younger girls and they all have different schedules so they hardly ever get to see Zeke surfs. Today was one of those days when the whole family had a day off, so they came to support him and enjoy a day at the beach!

Sarah Lau, she's an awesome Volleyball player!

Jordan Lau, a super outgoing and always happy girl.

Dalen Lau is still little shy but all smiles when she's comfortable with you.

Zeke doesn't say anything, but i know he loves it when his little sisters are there to watch him do what he loves. i saw him smiling way more today then any other days.

Tomorrow is a High School contest at Kaka'ako Beach! I'll see you all there!



Kewalos after the contest!

Full house

Getting crowded under our tent


HSA contest at Sandys.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Zeke takes Tylenol PM - Super Human, Noa Mizuno! - Alisha Gonsalves, the Funniest Humans on Planet Earth!

This morning, I picked up Zeke (Ezekiel Lau) cuz he got a new board and want to test it out. When i picked him up, he looked really tired... when i asked him why, he replied "my wrist was hurting (he hurt it on Sunday surfing Bowls when the waves were huge) so i took some Tylenol but we only had Tylenol PM so i took that."

what?? Tylenol PM is for night time and that thing makes you go to sleep!! sure enough he passed out in my car!

I had to go fix my friend's car anyways so i ended up getting the part and fixed the car while he slept in my car. he was out for about 2 hours. ha ha.

after i fixed the car we went to Kewalos and the waves were still really good! Zeke was ready to test out the new board!
see his right wrist, that's the reason why he took Tylenol PM.
No bets today cuz i know he's hurting and he shouldn't even be surfing. Looked like the board was working good. he looked like he was sleep surfing the first 30 minutes tho. ha ha.

Sister (Kelia Moniz) and Alisha Gonsalves showed up and they all went surfing while i filmed. after their 1st session, we got some food and back to the beach!

Noa Mizuno just came back from his trip to Cali. He was there to visit Quiksilver and Channel Island while surfing many different California surf spots. He ordered some boards at Channel Island and brought back some goodies.
Channel Island Dane Reynold's signature deckpad and Channel Island Wax!
He even got to hangout with Dane at the Channel Island office while he was there. i'm so jealous!

Usually when i come home from a trip, i'm so tired all i want to do is go home and rest... Not Noa, his dad Jake was telling me Noa was re-waxing his board with warm water wax in Cali when they were packing so he can come straight to the beach and surf when he gets back to Hawaii.

Good thing Noa re-waxed his board cuz as soon as he got to the beach, he was in the water surfing and he stayed out till dark! I think Noa is a super human!

Rusty surf team manager Geoff Wong stopped by to film while we were there too.
Geoff is a great surfer and i know what he was thinking while filming. "Man, i wish i was out there surfing..." ha ha. but we all gotta work! he paddled out and surfed when it was too dark to film. i think he had a 20minute session today.

We all went to go get some food after and Alisha was being Alisha. If you don't know her, you need to get to know her! Sister says "Alisha is probably one of the funniest humans on planet earth! And she doesn't even try!"

I totally agree with Sister. Alisha is so funny and she doesn't even think she's funny or being funny.

Alisha was lecturing all of us about how we aren't eating healthy and this is what she got for dinner.
Spicy tuna poke bowl AND french fries! super weird combo. i know i'm not a nutritionist but i'm pretty sure french fries aren't healthy at all. ha ha. i thought she was going to eat them separately but NO! Alisha was eating them together!

Just another Alisha moment. we were all laughing so hard when she started eating them together and telling us "i like them both, so why not eat them together."

i love pizza and sushi, but i'll never mix them up and eat them together!

if i can video her all day everyday, i think i can have the best tv show ever! i need to hangout with Alisha more often. i was laughing all day my abs are sore, i've never worked my abs as hard as i have today!

Another great day! i hope i see Alisha again tomorrow so i can have ripped abs by next week! ha ha.