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Sunday, February 28, 2010

at the High School Team Challenge

Good job Zeke. -Jenna


There is this really cool gum. It tattoos your tounge. Don't get
stung... By a bee! -Jenna

Nicole's mad face

Nicole's mad face..but only at Kaz!! - Nicole

High school team challenge!

At sandys today. Super windy and cold but the kids are out there!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

a looong day of waiting for the tsunami

wow, it was a looooong day. it was more like an extension of yesterday. ha ha.

last night before i went to bed, i heard there a tsunami advisory and there will be an update around 1230am. so i woke up around 1am and found out it was no a tsunami warning. i started watching the news and websites to find out more about it and to plan my action.

my buddies B (Brian Mashburn, who wrote the Novus Swell intro song) and Denise are here for a vacation from Cali and staying in Waikiki, so i started talking to them to see if they are ok.

they were staying on the 2nd floor and when they requested a higher floor room, the hotel offer them a hall way on a higher floor... yes, a HALL WAY! i decided to go get them so they can stay with me.

i was really disappointed by the hotel they were staying. don't want to mention the place but even if all the rooms were booked (which i highly doubt since tourism is still down here in Hawaii), they own so many other hotels! i knew they could've offered B and Denise a room elsewhere.

B and Denise got to go food and supply shopping with me at 330am! aaaaaahhhhh... Hawaii vacation!
the place was pretty empty. it was making us think that we were over reacting, but better safe than sorry, right?

Got gas in my car and back to my place which is on a hill. that's when my cell started to blow up! all the kids are up for the contest and just finding out about the tsunami. i'm glad kids are comfortable calling me and texting me asking me about everything.

all the kids and their families got out of their houses way before the predicted tsunami time! thanks you all for calling me and texting me, it was a big relief to know you are all ok!

so we just chilled and waited. when 6am tsunami siren went off, everyone in Hawaii was in rush to get food, water and gas! let me just say Twitter was the best source to get the most current news all day! I knew which stores are out of water and which gas stations are out of gas right when they ran out.

we waited, waited, and waited... little after 11am, tsunami hits Big Island! luckily super small tsunami! by the time the tsunami hit Oahu, it was more like ripples. ha ha.

I was stoked that they were nothing big and nobody got hurt BUT at the same time, i was hoping for more action... nothing crazy but maybe something more than a ripple.

the tsunami warning was still in effect and we knew lot of the roads were closed so we just waited some more.

B even ended up taking an exam for one of his classes on my computer while we were waiting.
yes, we were that bored... taking an exam while vacationing in Hawaii. ha ha.

Took B and Denise back to their hotel in the afternoon and it was really weird to see everyone out and about like nothing ever happened.

Stopped by Kewalos and it was nothing ever happened too. only weird part was that only 2 people out surfing.

i just want to say i was very impressed with Hawaii Civil Defense and Hawaii Media people. they were really on top of everything. yes, the tsunami was small and uneventful but they predicted little after 11am and it came right when they said it will.

i'm also stoked everyone took the warning seriously. i know lot of people were doubting anything will come but they all listened and waited out on higher grounds. even if the tsunami was bigger, i think no one would've got hurt.

i think the mother nature is trying to tell us something. we need to start treating her better! seems like she's mad and telling us all that by showing us she can take us out in seconds if she really wants to.

i want to thank everyone who called and texted me offering me to stay with them if i needed a place to go. it meant a lot to me!

so it was a long day of just waiting. like i said, i'm glad nothing happened. hope everyone had a good day spending time with their families!


Contest up date!! Again... ha ha.

HSA will be next weekend at Nanakuli Tracks. NO CONTEST this weekend.

Volcom VQS Honolii, Big Island - Moved to tomorrow (Sunday) 7am check in time.

hope this helps! If anything changes, i'll let you know!


Tsunami WARNING!

ok, so you should know there's a Tsunami warning here in Hawaii from the earthquake in Chile.
they are predicting the first one to arrive at 11:19am. so everyone please be careful! it's a warning and not advisory, so more serious and the siren should sound today at 6am.

here's a link to oahu evacuation map.

i live on a hill so i'm safe. maybe i'll have a ocean front house after today. ha ha.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Noa Mizuno shows Ezekiel Lau how it's done! ha ha.

Sandys beach today with Zeke (Ezekiel Lau), Seth (Moniz), and Noa (Mizuno).

i call this a "revenge" session for Zeke. Ever since i've blogged how Seth won the superman contest, Zeke's been waiting to show Seth who's the boss. ha ha.

the waves looked so tricky at Half Point and they were literally surfing on dry reefs. They were all ripping tho!

Zeke... really, he's in there and he came out of it too!

Seth was finding some nice barrels too!

And today's wave of the day goes to...

Noa Mizuno! He got this sick set wave and got shacked and came out like it was nothing!
and remember, he's doing this on 6 inches of water on top of sharp reefs! if that was me, i'd been just pumping fast and stayed on the shoulder way away from the barrel. I've surfed there before and i was scared the whole time.

a quick shower while figuring out who got the best wave.

Everyone thought they won... until they watched the footage.
unanimous decision, Noa wins! Noa, you are the man!!

So Zeke's "revenge" session turned into another "defeated" session. Noa, you better watch out, Zeke's gonna throw you in a trash can! ha ha.

all joking aside, i think it's great when these groms get to surf with someone like Zeke. they end up pushing themselves so hard to impress Zeke.

HSA contest tomorrow at Maili Point! i'll see you all bright and early!



Revenge session?? Ha ha.

Contest update for this weekend!

ok, i've been getting so many phone calls and text about this weekend. so here's what's going on!

NSSA Haleiwa - Cancelled! They will be taking top 4 scores now instead of 5.

HSA Maili Point - ON! One day contest on Saturday so everyone surfs on Saturday! 7am check in time.

Volcom VQS Honolii, Big Island - ON! Saturday only. 7am check in time.

hope this helps! If anything changes, i'll let you know!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nick Mita, you are the man! and Seth Moniz, you are the boy! ha ha.

went to Kewalos today for an evening session. The waves weren't as good as yesterday but still fun enough and everyone was ripping! well, except for me... ha ha.

i ran into Nick Mita in the parking lot today.
he just got back from Japan and looked super stoked to be back in Hawaii where he can surf in his trunks. When i first started shooting surf photos, he helped me out a lot. he introduced me to the right people, recommended me for photo shoots for his sponsors, etc.

He's just a nice guy, willing to go that extra mile to help other people out. Thanks Nick for getting my career started! you're the man!

check out his website!

a person who was impressing me the most today surfing was Seth Moniz.
when i was paddling out, i saw him do a superman air! Seth was saying it was a little one so it really wasn't a superman so we'll just call it a frog air. ha ha.

so I paddled over to where Seth and Zeke (Ezekiel Lau) was sitting and told them "Seth 1, Zeke 0!" which i shouldn't have because after that, it became a superman/frog air competition. they were going for all the good waves so i didn't even catch anything decent. ha ha.

at the end of the session, i think Seth landed about 5 of them and Zeke landed 2 of them. Seth wins!!

as a victory lap, when Zeke was paddling back out, Seth busted a backside shove-it right in front of Zeke. the best part was (from what Zeke told me), Seth was just smiling at Zeke the whole time while he was doing his shove-it. ha ha. Good job Seth, you're the man!! or should i say "boy"... ha ha.

this is how Zeke was when he came in...
so this is what defeated guy looks like. ha ha.

next thing i know, Zeke picked Seth up and threw him in a rubbish can.
that's Seth's leg Zeke is holding. sore loser... ha ha.

another great day in Hawaii!

I want to thank Zeke's family for always feeding me. when i take Zeke home, they always have a dinner for me to take home and a few nights ago they invited me to a dinner for Zeke's youngest sister, Dalen's 5th birthday.
Happy birthday Dalen and thank you Lau family!!



Evening session at kewalos. Not as good as yesterday but still looks

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Got waves! Some how Noa just knows where it's breaking.

New Webisode! Aerials!

New webisode is up!! I was going over my clips from this past few months and I noticed lot of kids are doing aerials now. I was amaze even the little groms are landing them too! So in this webisode I put together these guys (Kaulana Apo, Seth Moniz, Josh Moniz, Isaiah Moniz, Nelson Ahina, Matty Costa, Derek Wong, & Ezekiel Lau) and girl (Carissa Moore) doing aerials. Enjoy!
Novus Swell

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Novus Swell supports "Not Even Once"

Monday, February 22, 2010

Haleiwa all day

looooong day! I picked up Zeke (Ezekiel Lau) 7 in the morning and we went to Haleiwa. Sets were 6-8 ft but the best waves were medium size waves which were just lining up perfect!

we ran into Carissa (Moore) who was just getting ready to paddle out too.

here are some still frame shots from today's video clips.


Ran into Derek Wong, Travis Tominaga and Kapu Ping so we went to check out other spots after the 1st session.

Sunset was going off but nobody brought boards big enough. Zeke wanted to check out his "secret spot" but it wasn't even that good... but since he made us drive there we made Zeke paddle out to make fun of him. so he had a short 2nd session while we were all laughing at him. ha ha.

Zeke and I ended up at Haleiwa again for his 3rd session. ran into Kaulana Apo and Haleiwa local Austin Vicente.



Zeke ended up buckling his board so he came in for little bit to grab his other board and off to his 4th session.

had some hot dogs thanks to Kaulana's family (thanks Apo family!) and i made Zeke paddle out for his 5th session.

great day! i made Zeke surf for total of about 8 hours and with the strong current he was pretty much paddling the whole time. i don't think it was the most mellow ride back to town with Zeke being all tired and quiet. i bet he's sleeping like a baby right now. ha ha.

amazing sunday! hope you all had a great weekend too!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Surf check

Checking out waves everywhere for the 2nd session.

Derek, Travis and Kapu are here too now. Zeke's ripping out there.


Looking good. Some nice 6-8 footers coming in!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Carissa Moore!

i met up with Carissa (Moore) to drop off stuff from Hawaii Meth Project. Yes, Carissa will be supporting "Not Even Once" effort!
i'm super stoked about it cuz she's one amazing girl. she's still a senior at Punahou school and this year she's surfing in the World Tour and if you know her, you know she'll never touch or even think about trying drugs.

i got to chat with her about her crazy busy life for a while when i stopped by. it's kindda funny cuz she's just another normal teenage girl when we were talking about other things than surfing.

it's amazing what she has accomplished so far, and crazy part of it all is, i think it's just the beginning of tons of stuff she's going to accomplish in the future.

don't forget to check out her site. what she talks about there is awesome. i think it'll make you understand how she is as a person.

waking up early tomorrow to head up to north shore! it'll be a great day!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally the outside world!

sorry guys and gals for not updating my blog in a few days. so this is what happened this week. edited the new webisode on monday, posted it on tuesday and worked on graphic design stuff i do on the side rest of the week. i didn't even leave my house all week! so basically i was on my computer at 8am till 6am tuesday, wednesday, thursday. today i finished what i had to do around 3pm.

when i was done, i was so stoked! 5 days and total of 8 hours of sleep... so tired.

so decided to go outside for a change today, it felt so weird to be outside with fresh air! i guess hawaii got cold while i was in my cave... it was freezing cold out! but look, i was greeted by a nice view!

i picked Zeke (Ezekiel Lau) and Isaiah Moniz up and off to Sandys.
the waves were alright... they surfed half point while i was freezing my butt off filming. ha ha.

it's cold, the shower is kindda far away... what to do...
they just jumped on my warm hood and i drove them to the shower. that's why i love my beach wagon. i don't care when kids do stuff like this. can you imagine if i had a nice brand new car? i would never let them do that!

dropped Isaiah off at his place and Zeke and i went to a Best Buy cuz i had to get ANOTHER external hard drive! man, i go through 2 terabytes external hard drive in a few months.

PARENTS!!! i think i found the best daycare center in the world! just drop your kids off at a Best Buy! they have everything kids want and if you drop them off there every furlough Friday, kids won't be begging you to buy anything but they will be just begging you to take them there. ha ha.

they got nice sofas in the home entertainment section, instruments to play in the music section, got a fake car looking thing in the auto audio section, tons of computer, cameras, tvs, video games, and they even have snacks (well, kids need to buy snacks if they are going to be eating them... ha ha.). oh and they have workers there keeping their eyes on your kids all day!

here's Zeke trying out a new DJ video game with a real looking turn table.
when i got my external hard drive and was ready to leave, Zeke just wanted to stay there!

so now you know, just drop your kids off there. it's free and keep the kids entertain all day while you are at work! ha ha.

We came back to my house so Zeke can check out his footage. he was on my computer for hours watching himself surf... rewinding, pausing, going frame by frame, etc. i make fun of him telling him that he just looooves himself, but i know he's learning from watching the clips checking out what he's doing right and what he needs to change.

it's so boring sitting there while Zeke's loving himself... i made him entertain me for a bit.
so this is how Zeke will look with long hair. ha ha.

it was so nice to be out and about! i'm going to get some real sleep tonight and not long blinks like i have been getting.

see you all tomorrow!



Finally got out of my house and now heading to sandys with Zeke and

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Webisode! How To Do An Air Reverse with Ezekiel Lay

Ezekiel Lau (Zeke) is the man when it comes to doing air reverses. So I sat down with him and had him talk through "how to" do an air reverse. Hope this will help you do your own air reverses!

I also grabbed a Volcom hat from him and had him sign it as a give-a-way. So don't forget to enter to win!
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Going over the clips

Going over the clips after the evening session.

Lunch time!

Ran into bunch of people at Ted's.

A day off!

Girls ready to surf Freddies. Both vland and freddies are looking fun!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Older kids

No little kids today at kewalos for the evening session. I got to
surf today! I haven't in like a month. So much fun!

Happy birthday Ka'ena and Mahina! Dolphin Tour on the west side of Oahu, Hawaii!

Did i say today will be better than yesterday? well, i was right!

What a day! Dolphin Tour for Ka'ena and Mahina Maeda's birthday party. picked up some kids and off to the west side.

there were about 50 dolphins, crazy looking jelly fish, and tons of fun all day! too exhausted to put description on each photo, but i think they are pretty self explanatory.


Happy birthday Ka'ena and Mahina!
Thank you Maeda family for a full day of fun in the sun!