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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Evening photo session

The weather was amazing today. i surfed in the afternoon and decided to shoot with flash in the evening time.

I don't have a fancy setup so i only get one shot per ride with flash. It's been a while since I shot with flash so my timing was off today and I totally forgot i supposed to clean the port really well since every little dust shows up with flash once it's dark out.

Got some decent shots but nothing fancy. Maybe I should've just surfed. ha ha.

Cole Yamakawa

EJ Mitsui

The waves were really fun today. Let's hope tomorrow's even better! Just another day in paradise!

Rest of the photos are on Novus Swell Facebook so go there if you want to check them out!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun sunny day in town with groms!

Had some fun waves and the weather was great in town so I decided to swim out and shoot some groms today.

Mikey Kapica, he's from Florida but been in Hawaii for a while now this summer. He improved so much.

Connor Kennedy, he's getting good! I saw him do a backside reverse this afternoon. he's been telling he has done it before but i've never seen him do it so he was stoked when i finally saw it. Good job Connor!

You know who's been impressing me the most these days... Cayla Moore.
She's been surfing unreal and it's always nice to have her in the water because she's always so happy.

I wish i had a different lens so I could get closer shots of this next sequence. She put together this ride so well.

Great job Cayla! Keep it up and keep having fun!

Cayla's dad, Chris, was out for a while and he was body surfing. He was catching some nice waves.

He actually made me want to body surf few waves while shooting... so I did and missed getting shots of kids one good waves. ha ha.

Mikey was doing some weird stuff on waves today. not sure what he was doing but looked fun.

Even if the waves weren't the best, kids always have fun with their friends.

I posted more photos on Novus Swell Faccebook page so check them out!

the new swell should be filling in tomorrow so let's hope we get more fun waves!


Win Autographed Carissa Moore 2011 Womens World Champ #1 Moore Gears

Carissa Moore became the youngest World Champ of surfing recently. RedBull released limited edition hats and shirts to celebrate her accomplishment and they gave me some to give out to kids.

I had Carissa sit with me to signed the goodies and chat with her for little bit when she came back to Hawaii.

This is your chance to win Carissa's "#1 Moore" hat or shirt signed by the champ herself!
Watch the video first because there will be a question you need to answer to qualify to win!

after you watch the video, go here ("Win Stuff" page on Novus Swell) and enter. good luck!

Thank you Carissa and congrats!

Novus Swell

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thank you Quik for keeping it 4star event - Young Hawaiian Final - Stay in school!

I am soooooo tired! I've been watching Quiksilver Pro at Puerto whenever it was on. 4hr difference in time so usually 3am start over here in Hawaii. i knew i won't wake up so i've been just staying up to watch.

It was so worth staying up all night last night tho. the final day and the waves were firing! Everyone was surfing good but the young Hawaiians were the ones who shined. All 22 and under Hawaiian final. Kiron (20), Zeke (17), Billy (21), Clay (22). Amazing.

Congrats to Kiron! He just couldn't do wrong in the final. Wave after wave he was going bigger and deeper. Great job!

It's no secret Zeke is like my son/nephew/friend and i'm so proud of his performance there.

He only gets to do few QS events since he's still in high school. not just any school but Kamehameha School. That school is tough! He can't even miss few days of school there so he has to do QS events while there's no school.

So this summer, he did 2 events and he won one and got 2nd in this one! Good job Zeke!
He got one more year of school and i bet he'll be out there in full force. can't wait to see him become a world champ one day.

so groms, stay in school! you might have to work harder than other kids who are doing home school, but you can do it. Zeke and Carissa are doing it and those are top surfers coming out of Hawaii right now.

Sooooo tired but it was worth staying up watching the event! Thanks Quiksilver for putting this CT quality event and keeping it 4 star so the younger, up and coming surfers can compete!

Novus Swell

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

S3W28: Rip Curl Grom Search 2011 at Kewalos

Rip Curl held it's Grom Search at Kewalos a couple of weekends ago. All Hawaii groms look forward to this fun event every year. If they do well here, they get invited to National event during the Rip Curl Pro Search.

Waves were super rippable and consistent all day and kids were out there having fun. Thank you Rip Curl for having another fun event here in Hawaii!

Enjoy the video!
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Making the champ work! ha ha. Thanks Carissa for being the same friendly but little shy girl still!

I met up with Carissa again today at Kewalos. Scored some "#1 Moore" hats and shirts from RedBull so I had her signed some of them for me.

I'm still tripping out how Carissa is the World Champ. I knew she will be one day since she works hard and is super talented but it's crazy to think she is the BEST in the world. Amazing thing is, she's still that super friendly but little shy girl. Nothing changed.

Everyone she meets, she greet them with smile and talk to them as she's more stoked to meet them than them stoked to meet her. The crazy thing is, she's not acting either. she is really stoked to meet every single person she meets.

She's truly an amazing role model for everyone. So kids, specially girl, pick a person like Carissa as your role model and not some no talent slutty Hollywood people!

She still has one more event left at Huntington Beach and leaving Hawaii in a few days. I hope she got to recharge her energy being home.

Carissa, i'll stop bugging you for photos and autographs now so you can charge up for your next event. Congrats and the whole Hawaii (and most likely the whole world) is so proud of what you've achieved! Good luck and have fun at HB!

oh wait... one more thing... can we take a group photo really quick? (this is how i'm usually with her. I ask her to do more things after i told her she just needs to do one thing. ha ha)
Since Carissa signed some "#1 Moore" stuff, I'll have giveaways coming up in a day or two so keep checking back!

Novus Swell

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hanging with the Champ

Carissa came surf with us today and kids got the limited edition RedBull #1 Moore gears! She might be a world champ now but she's still a normal girl who's super nice to everyone. I love that about her. She's such a great role model for everyone!

Hanging with the camp!

The World Champion, Carissa Moore is home! She pulled a Houdini on us!

The World Champ, Carissa Moore, came home to Hawaii today! Media, families and friends were there to greet her at the airport.

we waited... waited...

waited... and waited more.

Carissa pulled one Houdini on us. She came from behind us surprising us instead of us surprising her! We were waiting and all of the sudden I saw her standing behind her dad. We had to chase her down! She might be a World Champ now, but still a normal 18 yr old girl. ha ha.

Finally we got to greet the champ!

Carissa's sister, Cayla, IS the biggest fan of her older sister. It was cool to see them unite again. I heard Cayla stayed up all night to witness Carissa win her title over here in Hawaii.

Even before all of us get to welcome Carissa back home, the media was all over her.

We could totally tell Carissa is a well educated World Champ. She spoke really well even after her long trip back to Hawaii from France.

After the media had their turn, other friends got to welcome her back.

Miko from NSSA Hawaii. Aunti Bobbi couldn't be there since she's not on Oahu but it was nice to see Miko took her time to welcome home NSSA graduate.

Mr. RedBull Hawaii, Rob Mora. He's been working non stop after Carissa's win organizing everything for Carissa's home coming. I'm pretty sure he hasn't slept in few days and he won't be sleeping for few more days. BUT he's not complaining tho, he's just stoked their rider is now the youngest World Champ ever!
We are all so proud of Carissa! We all knew this day will come and I'm stoked I could be there to welcome her back home.

She's here for 5 days and back to Cali for US Open! Hope she gets to rest and recharge here at home.

Congrats Carissa!

Novus Swell